Any ideas yet about a source? I really wish to try one.

My test one should be here soon. After I test it out, I will work something out with a European supplier to get them over here.

ETA? (Estimated Time of Arrival)
idea of $

No idea… I know Karl shipped me mine early this week. I can ship it down down to you once im done with it.

Oh no. No no no.

I’d like to just know what YOU think…if YOU like em…I’ll order one. No, don’t ship me yours man.

hes only sending 1, Im gonna play with it just in order to see if we will order them for stock. Getting your opinion as an end user means more to me then what i think of it.

Then I will be happy to accept. And report.

I also want to test out some beer. :slight_smile:

Well don’t ship it off before I get up there to see you guys…please. I’d like to check it out. has them.


As usual Chris and Alex are on top of their game. Thanks guys for listening to your clients.

I checked out Since all i want is the scrim $15 and they a minimum $30…I will wait for Chris.

what exactly is a scrim?
for some reason when I hear “scrim” it sounds like a part of the male anatomy

Use that to dry your windows! :slight_smile:

Might get some gigs canceled but you’d have a place to tell the story.

I always think Rugby. But I think that’s Scrum.

how about “panini” bread?

Detailing your window with your scrim with holding your panini…