Scrub pad holder design

I’d like to start using white scrub pads but all the holders have a trowel design, and I can’t figure out a good way to keep it on the belt that’s also quick and easy to remove and replace.

I would like something with this kind of handle instead:

That would be easy to slip right into the loops on my tool belt.

Has anyone seen one with a design like that or have an idea on how to use the trowel design easily?

Yeah, you can buy the cheap grill scrubbers (black) and rip off their scrubby add velcro and you’re good to go.

FYI if you have the ninja boab, any pouch with a belt clip will fit in the razor slot:

Home depot used to have these small mutli tool pouches but they’ve discontinued them. It’s what I use to carry my scrubby, screen tool (can opener) and brush.

Oh, these days I don’t even use my scrubby that much. That microfiber hanging off my pouch works wonders on pretty much everything. I do a restaurant chain with super greasy sugary windows and I dampen up my microfiber and just do a quick scrub on the fingerprints and I don’t even have to scrub with my mop. I love the microfiber.

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Cool idea! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get some more real estate on my belt.

And thanks for the tip on using velcro. I think window cleaners are like the masters of modding.

Btw, do you know if anyone still sells a pouch like you have for your bottle? I’ve really been wanting one but it seems they don’t exist anymore.

@Chris - are those gone from the store?

That’s a pretty good idea. Main reason i was looking at getting a holder though was for the ergonomics of it. I seem somewhat prone to pain from repetitive motions and i noticed even on days that i used steel wool a lot my wrists were pretty sore from the awkward pressure i was putting on my fingers. I was thinking a holder would allow me to apply even pressure while using bigger muscles to do so. For now, i found a nice spot in my pouch as well for just the pad alone.

I just drop one in the bottom of my bucket and it is soaped up ready to go anytime I need it, since I never use one dry. If you need to have a holder then attach one of these to your belt…

Give this a try. As with any exercises it may take several weeks before results are felt.

Thanks Garry!

Check out Detroit sponge they had a few left a month ago.

I use these as well. It’s one of a handful of formerly new things to try that I’ve made part of my must-haves in my belt setup.

Those are the same ones i just got too. Gonna be testing them out on the next couple jobs.

I get the 6" x 9" white Handi-Pad, package of 10 for about $5 and cut them in half. Perfect for dropping in the bucket and scrubbing years old grime from windows, and old ones or separate one for neglected tracks and sills.
Not good to use gritty one on sills then use it on glass. :wink:

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