Seasonal Changes - photos

I haven’t seen any threads with photos of jobs in different seasons so I thought I’d start one.

Here’s one of my quarterly clients.

Hang in there guys, Spring is right around the corner.

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Heres one from San Diego


[MENTION=3065]Boss[/MENTION] Nice one from San Diego! That looks like middle of winter and late spring pictures? It’s obviously before the summer flip-flops.

Here are my pictures. Usually taken the same week.



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South Carolina today iced out

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I’m still waiting for the change. Old man winter is a dick !

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It could be worse:

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That’s great ! Leave it to you :slight_smile:

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I’m done with snow!

Boston Window & Blind Cleaning

I’ll tell ya, I feel for you guys.
(It’s rare that I say that)

We had our worst winter in 100 years in 2014.

  • and you are dead even with our total, [B]right now[/B].
    95 inches, I think.

I’d never seen anything like it, and I bet you haven’t either.
…I give a respectful ‘nod’ to you right now. :cool:

We were under 9 inches on January 23 or so. So it’s about 85 inches in 3 weeks.

This space for rent!

You’re at 96 inches right now.
We got about 94 last year… for the year.

Like I say “tip my hat” man.
Because at this point, either way you slice it, [B]it sucks.[/B]

Sheesh, that’s just not funny.

24 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insane The Snow In New England Is

Blizzard sweeps across Colorado…must be spring! On the plus side found another use for my WFP.


The pickup was this morning but we are known to volunteer to bust our hump in the cold.

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