Seasoned EDDMers

Figuring out routes, and not quite sure I want to hit the same routes I have in the past. At first I geared the mailings to the more expensive homes, but wasn’t stoked on the response. I always find them to be the pickiest, and cheapest of customers anyways.

I mapped a lot of my customers recently, and a lot of them are just in your standard ‘average’ track homes. Debating whether I should gear this seasons mailing towards the ‘regular’ areas this time around. Would this be foolish? Anyone have some more time/experience under their belt experimenting more with this?

I did better with EDDM in neighborhoods with homes valued in upper $100s to $400s than I did in the $700-2million markets. Different folks buy different things for different reasons.

Thanks Michael, this has been my findings as well… not specifically just with EDDM, but in general. It’s odd, but its on paper. Even in different regions it still seems to hold the same.

Ill be chasing the income from low to high for my campaigns. I’ve noticed my season starts off downtown in the lower value nighborhoods ($300k - $1M) and throughout the season moves “up the mountain” to the big homes ($1M+).

I figured instead of marketing against the grain that I’ll go with the flow and push it the way it comes naturally. I’ll also be doing the same thing on the other side of the mountain where its set up pretty much the same way and where I just set up another “Location”

Of the different neighborhoods, which ones were more likely to become quarterly cleans?

Do you slowly release batches throughout the season? Care to explain a bit more detailed, even some numbers? Curious as to how everyone pursues it. Hit the season off hard with a big batch, or spread it out?

Would love to see [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] chime in as well with all of his data :stuck_out_tongue:

This will be my first foray into EDDM actually :slight_smile:

The plan, while Im in number adjustment mode, will be to drop 1250 every 2 weeks during the busy season, then up that to 1250 every week starting in June to keep everyone busy during the summer slump. (more if necessary).

I stay booked through my websites, but since this is my first year with a real crew Im attempting to create enough work to double my typical workload.

Last year was our first doing EDDM. Previously, we had used targeted mailing lists. I MUCH prefer EDDM.

One of the postcards we sent was to a subdivision much like you described. Tract homes in the mid $200k range. All very similar. Most being 2 stories. So, we thought, rather than doing individual estimates for each one, we should try Kevin’s idea of flat rate pricing. I felt a little apprehensive, but the results were great!

We mailed a card specifically for that neighborhood with 3 price tiers. We mailed that same card to that neighborhood 3x. It generated a good response each time (outperforming several previous cards) and our hourly rate was significantly higher than when we did individual estimates.

Plus, the customers seemed to really like the transparent pricing.

It sounds like the neighborhood you’re targeting may be right for this approach.

Just my 0.02

The higher income areas respond to mailers but it seems that they primarily are more influenced by friends and referals.


I would have to agree Brian.


We will be doing an even spread through out the year from the end of March to the beginning of December… Basically the same amount each week.

We will be doing a new card basically each month…

One will focus primarily on window cleaning, the next on pressure washing, the next on roof cleaning… certainly a gutter focused one in the fall…

Most will be going to homes that are valued between 300 - 500k

We did extra hard work this winter really refining what routes in what zip code get mailed to…

On top of that each of the zip codes will be getting a tailored card with that town name on it… Complicated and tricky but worth it ( I think)

Awesome, thanks [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION].

Now do you saturate the same area with a steady drop? Or hit one area, then another, and so on…

We will on average hit each area between 6 - 10 times through out the year.

If an area doesn’t have such a great ROI/RR, do you drop it from your drops?

egh maybe… Ill usually try an area for a whole year if other data lines up… Ill decide around new years if I will continue it the following year.

Do most hit the same areas more than once, or just hit all different areas? Anyone have some data on this? @Chris, you probably do because you’re on an entirely different playing field… but what about us smaller guys?


I tend to not share my strategies and methods too much outside of the WCRA.