Seattle Window Cleaning

Hey guy’s Josh here from Jet City Window Cleaning.
I’m based in Seattle WA. I’ve been cleaning window for about 15 years. I went out on my own this year. Why I didn’t do this years ago? I don’t know. I’m having a great time doing it!
I’m a regular visitor to NWCD. I thought I would come check this forum out. If there are any north western window cleaners out there look me up.

Welcome Josh! I think you’ll enjoy it here.

Thanks Tony

Welcome josh, and congrats on goint out on your own!

Hi Josh - the more the merrier! Welcome.

Hey Josh!

Welcome to the team.

Welcome . We are here to have s:rolleyes:ome fun and shoot the breeze. The are a lot of tall tales being spun here… LOL
But mostly some great info from some great ppl with alot of insight into the world of window cleaning

i had a guy from seattle working for me here in knoxville for a year or so. a glazier by trade. good guy. i hated to lose him, but i couldnt pay him as good as a glazing co. oh well, he still wears my shirts on his jobs and gets me some const clean. anyways. welcome.

welcome Josh!..i’m sort of new here…I may have posted once a few months back but I have visited this forum many many times. I’ve been posting on different WC forums and look forward to posting more on this one.


Hey Josh. I’m coming to you from the other side of the hill, Spokane. Glad to have you on the forum. It’s nice to see another Washingtonian here. I grew up in Everett, moved over here about 9 years ago. Again, welcome aboard. Good luck growing that business up.

Welcome Josh, great Avatar!

Welcome Josh! I’m sure you will enjoy it here. Great people, great advise, alot of fun.

awesome avatar dude…mind if I steal it?:smiley:


Go ahead. I did:D