Second business phone

I was wondering if you guys and girls use a separate phone for your business or did you just start with the one phone for both business and pleasure?


I have a google talk number that I can send to my cell as well. Also allows for texting on that number, from cell or computer. I really am liking it. I also have an Obihai IP phone connected to the line so that I can use it like a land line at my home (office).
Best thing about it, other than purchasing an IP phone, I have no extra phone bill.

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Sound good, I will look into that for sure. Question is how do you know the calls are for work and not personal calls. Prior to answer. Might be a dumb question. I just don’t want to be running a script with personal calls.

Thanks for the info.

You can set the caller ID on forward to show your google number or the originating number. I prefer to have the originating number myself, as most of my personal callers are in my phone book already and show up with their name.

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20 years ago when we 1st started we knew we would have a Home Office also knew we would be moving from time to time upgrading homes. We wanted a way to keep the same phone number that we started with throughout the length of the company.

We set up a market expansion line from our local phone company. This phone number can follow us anywhere we move or cell phone if preferred. In our home we have to land lines one is for personal the 2nd is used that market expansion line is forwarded to in our home office. Same as email, separated personal from business all identities are separated.

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