Second round of questions

Hey folks,

Well, I have to ask some of you again for help. I need to have some more ideas about questions I should ask potential new employees on their second interview. I have a list of standard questions. I also have 28 questions regarding this job and others that they completed on their first interview. I was wondering what some of you are asking new-hires when you are considering hiring them soon.

Just for those of you that were following my last post about a Set back, we interviewed 43 of the 65 that called. Of that 43, I have 8 front runners that I am considering for 1 full time and 2 part time positions.

This is why I need your help. I really need to dig deep into their values and work ethics. Anything is helpful.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t what to be repetitive where are the 1st round of questions ? Find the things that you must like about your current employees and draw that out of the applicants with careful questions. also If they are experienced or to check their experience ask situational questions that in voke longer answers Such as tell me about a time when you convinced a worker to do a task differently because it was unsafe.?? and listen to the depth of their answer and then drill for honesty. youve probably asked this but why do they want to work for you?, what is there 6mth 1 yr 5yr goal. Why should I hire you ? What assets can you bring to this company ? Yada YAda Yada I would also listen for answers that are too good or over qualified Ive had guys that I thought had ops mgr written all over them and 6 mths later they are sole proprietors competeing in another part of town. my $.02

Here’s the basic questions I ask on the first round and then I have a more detailed list for the second. Hope it helps.Interview questions.doc (22 KB)

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O.k. This is what I asked them on their first interviews. I like what Winner had and that is the type of things I am looking for.New Employee Questionnaire.docx (13.2 KB)

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