Sectional, Extention, or Little Giant

When you gotta ladder up what style ladder is your main choice?

If you generally prefer one style ladder over the other two what are the reasons for your preferances? :rolleyes:

I can’t vote since I have never used a sectional. Maybe Dwight or Mike can bring theirs to the Westminster event and I can try them out.:wink:

I have never used a sectional but between an extension and the little giant, I like the extension. It’s lighter and extends a couple feet higher.

Extension ladders for sure. Much easier to use in my opinion.

I’m impressed. Alot of guys on the forums will knock the sectionals even though they have never tried them. I think all three have their advantages but I prefer the sectional as my go too ladder. :cool:

I had to choose between extensions and LG types I’d go w/ the LG every time because of versatility.

Don’t worry, Tony. I’ll bring a set you can play on.

I voted sectionals, obviously. I kinda like the way Dwight put it, which is true. Sectionals were made for window cleaners.

You know my answer Mike, sectional. And yes, I’m driving my truck to the Westminster event so we can bust them out them Tony.

There is a little learning curve to stacking them safely especially when you go high. Mike has that art down. :slight_smile:

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]If I had more than five guys working for me I’d probably want them to use extension ladders too. There is a definite learning curve and you need more common sense to use them safely.<O:p</O:p[/FONT][/COLOR]

I have to put LG style simply because of the reality of my home situation. (Low Underground Parking) No way I could put ladder racks and ladder and get into my Condo parking.

I haven’t tried sectionals but they would be the way to go if I had more room in my mini-van. Maybe when I get my next vehicle I’ll go for a full size van and invest in some sectionals hopefully to get me up to 30’.

[COLOR=“black”][I]For those that use sectionals, how high is your set up and what are the individual section sizes?[/I][/COLOR]

Good video on sectionals.

// YouTube

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Back in the day a standard set of sectionals was 5 and 1/2 pieces. That’s 5 six foot pieces and one middle four foot piece. Because you loss a foot with each piece that adds up to 29 feet. The top six foot piece doesn’t loss a foot.<O:p</O:p[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I do need to mention that you need more common sense the higher you go. Since common sense is becoming increasingly more difficult to find, going up over 21 feet can be a problem for some folk. [/FONT][/COLOR]:cool:

I have 12 sections total. Enough for 3 employees to use at the same time.

All my sections (Base, Middle, Top) are 6’, except I do have one 8’ top section also.

Before I had extension ladders also, I would put up to 5 sections together. One time I did put 6 together, but that was dumb. Now I’ll do 4 sections together max. Anything higher I use the 32’ extension ladder.

No Way.

Sectionals are much easier to use once you get used to them…in my opinion.:slight_smile:

So what is the actual ladder height when 4 x 6’ sections are connected?

21ft if I did my math right.

21’ from that set up, you lose 1 foot per connection.

They’re right. 21’. That’s why I love the 8’ top section. That extra couple feet comes in handy for taller second story windows.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Hey Seth,<O:p</O:p[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]The phrase once you get used to them is a key point. There is a big learning curve with sectionals, but once you know how to utilize a set of sectionals they pay for themselves because they save time and energy every day. The crew will bring in more money each day because of them as well. I have read on the forums that guys who have given the sectionals a fair try usually leave their extension ladders at home and never go back.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]<O:p</O:p[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]That being said I would recommend 24’ and 32’ extension ladders for easier set ups over 21 feet high. A good set of sectionals for two story work would be three 6 ft pieces and one 4 ft piece for a total of 19 feet. [/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I would say that it’s harder for an employee to get into trouble if they only have to set up 19 feet of sectional ladder. However if space is an issue and you want to carry a 29 foot professional window cleaners ladder inside a van under lock and key 24/7 a five and one half piece standard set is the way to go in my opinion. :cool:[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I carry four 6 footers and one 4 footer on the truck every day, for a total of 24 feet. I have an extra section that I leave at home because it almost never gets used.<O:p</O:p[/FONT][/COLOR]

Hmmmm…my tallest LG style ladder (actually a JAWS ladder) physical length is 23’ which allows me to reach 25’ safely. If I could be sure of reaching 30’ I would definitely look closer at sectionals. I work by myself and my 23’ ladder with leg leveler serves me well. It just weighs a tonne though. :frowning: