Sectional ladder

Got the top section and base section of my metallic sectionals today, the three middle sections might take another week to get here.

I was able to stack the top on to the base and that makes for about 11 feet, cool. I can already see how this ladder will do things that others cant.

however im kind of dissapointed in the weight. just the two ladders alone are not very light, i was practicing carrying the two sections around and to think that I will be lugging around two more middle sections (4 total) makes me wonder if there is any benefit to weight savings over my little giant.

also 4 sections seems to be alot of clunkiness to be fumbling with.

I wont get a better idea till i start using all 4 on a real job so until then ill be waiting.

Did you buy the 4’ half piece?

The usual height I work with 3.5 sections. It gets easier the more you work with them. I carry two sections in each hand to get where I am going to set up.

You should pick up some leg levelers too they are priceless with a section ladder.

Lastly a tip to do with your closed top section. Cut a piece of PVC in half and put it over the top rung and tape it back together. Now put a cut section of indoor outdoor carpet over top of the PVC and make a small carpet roll out of it. Then use Velcro so it doesn’t unroll. Now you can roll the ladder up the wall to set it up.

I’ll take a pic and post it in a little bit my top section.

Robbie Hanson
A Glass Act Window Cleaning
Henderson, Nevada

Here ya go. Also another accessory to get is a lambs wool ladder bonnet when doing the interior windows.

Robbie Hanson
A Glass Act Window Cleaning
Henderson, NV

4 sectionals are lighter than my 22’ werner. I agree on the clunkiness and if I’m going 24’ then I prefer the extension ladder: easy up, easy down with a nice wide rung area.

How are you carrying the ladders? When you get 4 sections, you don’t want to run back and forth from your vehicle. I was taught to put your arm through the rungs, then grab a lower rung. (You might want to go through the rung that’s accessible if you squat just a little bit.) Then, when you’re standing up, you’re basically carrying them vertically but resting them on your shoulder. I can carry 4 pieces that way.

thanks for the tip, I like the idea of using the wall as a rolling surface while stacking the ladders on top of each other. I was under the impression that they were light enough that you could stack um in mid air with no support (another dissappointment for me). Im not a small guy 6’3 220, and for the past 6 years i been swinging the LG around like a feather but as I get closer to 40yrs im starting to feel it and get tired of that heavy LG.

I also made sure to order all the extra accessories, wool bonnet, mitts, stand off. That leg leveler just added another 10 pounds to my base section. :frowning:

this is my feedback so far, maybe im whinning like a little girl but oh well, im sure my feed back will change as i get the other sections and use it on jobs.

Most of the guys can assemble 4 pieces straight up by themselves with no wall.

I can stack 3.5 sections without a wall 4 is kinda tricky. I honestly don’t even do it unless I absolutely have to. I try to find an unobstructed place to raise and lower it.

Do the roller mod you’ll thank me later. It also gives a little cushion to not dent corners of the wall when set up. The ladder bonnet will still fit over top of the roller just the Velcro won’t close. Use the tie to make sure it stays on when lowering the ladder indoors.

Robbie Hanson
A Glass Act Window Cleaning
Henderson, NV

I took my ladder levelers off.

I carry 3 and a half pieces on my truck every day and set them up without a wall. Does the extra 2 feet really make a difference?

The trick to setting them up is keep your eye focused on the tip of the ladder as it goes up. Take your eye off that tip and you’ll loose the vertical balance and may loose control of the ladder as it begins to fall.

I don’t even really try to set it up without a wall honestly. So I don’t give myself a lot of practice doing it straight up. And I’ve been using this thing for 11 years lol.

Robbie Hanson
A Glass Act Window Cleaning
Henderson, NV

Sectionals are like everything, the more you use and get comfortable with the lighter and easier they get , Take your time and you’ll be throwing them around like nothing in no time.

You’ll be a lot happier if you try to place the tip of the ladder in the top half of the window every time. Setting them up under the window like an extension ladder is not the way they were intended to be used. I almost never set them up square with the wall. Always at an angle resting on ONE rail tip.

They are very easy to use when you’re doing it the right way. If they are not easy to use you’re doing something wrong. They are a time and energy saving tool, so they pay for themselves over and over and over again. Saving time and energy = extra profits in your pocket. That’s how I see it.

It’s all I use till 5 pieces. Then I’ll grab the 40’er
only let my guys go up to 4 pieces

I can do 3 :cool: I’m 5’6" I don’t have problems carrying these ladders around, although ill have to say when it is 90 degrees out setting them up moving them around does take a toll on my short old body . Now that I have a wfp don’t really use them as much:D. He is just not use to them it takes some time just like anything else . If you think about it you really don’t carry them on long distances. If im moving them from the back to the front I usually break them down if its 4 pieces .

I usually leave the ladder up in the air when I move it.

When I get to a house I usually dump the whole set, 24 feet, on the lawn in front of the front door. When I need a piece it’s right there, not out in the truck. I can carry 4.5 sections no problem assembled in the air or in pieces no problem.

If you are used to extension ladders, look into a shoe that will help your feet stand up to being on the round rungs all day.

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thats another thing i noticed when the ladder arrived, i better be sure to wear shoes with thick soles, those rungs are pretty small and round.
i guess they are made to go up and down, and not stay up for long periods of time like how a painter would do on an extension ladder.

I haven’t worked out in 20 years, and I can raise 4 pieces,
drop down to 3, throw it over my shoulder in-tact, re-set it.
Then raise it back up to 4, and break them all down… without [B]ever[/B] touching a wall.

I can assure you, it’s not a strength/too heavy thing.