Sectional ladders An Racks

Ok who uses sectionals, An has them on racks ? Specifically a Van !

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The guy that bought my biz stuck the sectionals on his van rack. He has the base and top sections together and the center sections together.


Those look like 8 footers !! I’m reluctant to moving them up top, but I’m going to have to.
Is that an 8’ head piece with shoes ?

Ya that’s what I wanted to know how are they stacking them up there?

If you’re worried about stacking then on top get a u shaped bike lock.

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They’re just Metallic 6’ sections. He was able to adjust the built in clamps on the rack to have a snug fit. Like @JaredAI mentioned he has a u-shaped bike lock.

Oh ok so he has 4 sections up there , An there connected ? My eyes are deceiving me.
What is he using the u shaped bike lock for theft, or to keep them on therr. ??

Yeah he has them connected and pinned. I believe he has the lock for both reason.

Ok … ya that is a good way to put them up on racks. Good idea. :+1: I was thinking about getting the racks with the roll bar.
I think that is the way I will through them up there 2 pieces together go up an an 2 pieces come down.

lol it took me a little bit to understand what was going on up ther. :scream::man_facepalming::beers: