Sectional Ladders

Hey fellow WC,

I’m considering purchasing sectional ladders for obvious jobs. Anyway, I’m about 6’ 4" and I’m also not sure if I should be purchasing 5’, 6’ or 7’ sections. Please advise.

I purchased 4 X 6’ sections, with the vee-top, ~1 year ago. Feels about right (for this sectional noob) in terms of ergonomics and stacking/unstacking and hits that 21’ max. I still need a half section…

llaczko, are you faster with the sectionals over a 22’ ext ladder? Seems an extension ladder would be quicker but ya’ll that use sections swear em.

Like I said – I’m a noob with the sectionals. I actually purchased them for one commercial CCU job – a very poorly-designed stairwell with exposed steel and odd gaps between floors.

So for me, it was about access and safety, not speed.