Securing WFP to ladder rack

I have seen a lot of van setups that have DIY storage for water fed poles using PVC, but I was wondering if anyone that uses a pickup truck has a good solution to securing waterfed poles to either the ladder rack or another part of the truck. I thought about using a PVC tube but securing that tube to the ladder rack is a hurdle I haven’t got over yet. There’s also the thought of theft control while your away from the truck. Any thoughts?..

Perhaps something like this could work? This one’s from, but there are a lot of versions available, including locking ones.

Thanks for the idea. I went off that and found that trac rack makes a model that will fit directly into their ladder racks.

Yea but what about for the guys that don’t carry a trac rack?

The setup from northerntool shown above should work with most ladder racks. I am curious to know how it gets attached to the rack however.

Here is what I use Welcome to I twist it around the brush/gooseneck and secure it to the back cross bar of the ladder rack. Super simple and works great. Not much of a theft deterrent though.

Buy you a 6 inch PVC and then buy you a Conduit Carrier Kit. The kit has everything you need to secure the PVC to your rack. I have a System One ladder rack and i got my Conduit Kit through System One. Google Conduit Carrier Kit .

Looks like a sweet set up.

Got a pack for Christmas, work great for other things but don’t think I’d use 'em for WFP.

Here’s a picture of it in use. The pole hose gets wound up on the reel and the pole gets a couple twists around with the kwiktwist. I have two trucks set up the same way, never lost a pole. You can pull on it all you want, it’s not moving.

It’s not that they won’t, I know knew will … I’m looking for more security.
Don’t want to leave it unattended out in the open while I’m inside Home Depot or Lowes, wherever.
May eventually end up w/ one of those tube canisters w/ lock system, just needs to be 10 feet.

Luckily [MENTION=263]wayne805[/MENTION] and I live in a city with very little theft. I have had other people come here from out of state and say “If you had that where I come from it would be stolen in one night.” Damn thieves.

Unfortunately, it just takes one of those scumbags passing through to totally ruin your day. We live in a very low crime area, as well, but as soon as I got the carbon pole, I started locking up.

True JY we live in a great place. I did have a set of Alaco stack ladders stolen off my truck tho last year while one of my guys was WFPing in the back yard of a house. The truck was in the driveway of a beachfront house on one of the lanes in pierpont. I guess you can’t be too careful. I hate thieves.

Here are some pics of mine. They work well, look professional, can be made as long as necessary, and can be locked. Mine are about 6’ and are mounted on the underside of the ladder rack. Hope this helps.

Round here lately it’s been a rash of zero mowers, gas powered trimmers etc, begin ripped off from enclosed trailers while the owners are off in the distance mowing commercial accounts.

Yeah, I am all about security for your investments. While I really like the idea of being able to use PVC and keep your WFP on the outside of your truck with a ladder rack, I am paranoid enough to always keep mine inside of my truck with the camper shell. I would say that if your have a set up that requires attaching it to your rack then one where your can lock it is the way to go (like the one that [MENTION=3471]Alex Lacey[/MENTION] is talking about). I am the type to want to trust people, but at the same time I always close up the back of my truck when I am working and usually will lock any ladder that I am not using at the time to the rack of my truck if I am going to be out of it’s view. Nothing like a thief to ruin your day.

very nice setup, i’m gonna steal some of your creativity here :slight_smile: