Self Cleaning Glass

Back in February I posted a thread about a builder starting to use self cleaning glass and the cement guys getting splatter all over a double casement window. To make a long story short, the project superviser told me to clean off the mortor and if it scratched he would charge back the cement company, :smiley: well I wanted to see what would happen when I use a scrapper to get off the mortor and I did not have to worry about charged for the window so I had at it. A 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar was used per manufactures directions and a new scrapper blade. I must admit that I was surprised when not a single scratch appeared, I used a photographers loupe to check for any scratches and there were none. I will keep every one informed as these jobs progress:cool:

Not one scratch from removing mortor from the glass!? Pretty good Franklin. I would have thought that would have made a nice dent in the class. Years ago, before I knew much about glass, I scraped some mortor off of a basement window and made a nice divot in the glass. But I’m glad it worked out for you.

Thats a strange one? Most of these new “self cleaning glass” types specifically mention no scrapers at all because it would damge the coating.

:confused:I was totally surprised when I did not find a scratch after cleaning a section that had as lot of mortor on in from what i read about on Window Cleaning Resource threads about the subject. Weather Shield is the brand name of the glass

I’m surprised there were no scratches, but by your post you searched pretty hard for them so good for you, I usually notice a bit of drag on the scraper when I’m forced to scratch self cleaning glass and while I dont see any deep scratches I do see the hundreds of color changing type scratches
On another note, I’m doing a job right now with pella architectural glass, some are caked in spray paint, I removed as much as possible with Sorbo stain remover and white spirits, but got frustrated with the amount I couldn’t get off an d ended up calling Pella, ( mostly so I could have a go at whatever rep answered) Its therapeutic every few months or so
Anyway, when I explained what was on the glass and referred to their website about no ever using scrapers on their glass the rep told me that the instructions were mostly to do with low-e glass and that low-e was in between the panes so it should be okay to use a scraper, I said that’s all well and good but I have to follow your instructions on the website unless I could get it from them in writing, she clammed up immediately and spouted the company line about acetone and white spirits and clorox soft scrub
As a test today I scraped a few panes that are in windows that are being replaced anyway and although I have not seen them in the sun yet i did not notice any discernible scratches , even using a flashlight shining thru them

Picture of Pilkington self cleaning glass above.
I notice they are calling them “low maintenance” glass now, not “self cleaning”.

Could they make self cleaning dishes? I could sell them to my customers since they are mostly women who stay home. One more profit point.

How about self-cleaning children?