Self Cleaning Windows

I read in a recent AWC mag about self cleaning windows. I haven’t seen an increase in the amount of these in my area but the article asked the question - will these replace wcers? In the next AWC mag there was a reply by an architect on how these are pretty useless in most real world applications.
As I understand it unless you live in an area w/ adequate rainfall and there is nothing to obstruct the rain from rinsing the window they are no different than ordinary windows.
Are any of you seeing more of these windows in your area?

I am waiting for the day I get to see one. Our rain fall is few and far between so I don’t think they will be very common here. To top that off we have very hard water so even if they hose them off it will trash them. Hope you can use safe restore or CC550 on those windows.

out here in California we have alot of them, i love them them alot, but guess what the companies who use a wfp hate them, i have used my wfp on them and it sucks, but guess what i can clean windows faster using a squeegee than a wfp based on 1 and 2 story homes.

In a year and a half in business I have only come across one house with self cleaning windows. I’ve cleaned these windows twice in a period of 9 months. ???

Say, I thought they were going to change the name to [I]low maintenance[/I] glass.

Funny thing, when I first started my business my sister was all freaked out that I would choose a profession that was on the way out because of SELF CLEANING GLASS being installed on newer homes. She has self cleaning windows and hasn’t washed her windows since moving in 2 years ago. Guess what? She has about the dirtiest windows I’ve ever seen. :confused: :rolleyes:

From what I understand the acids in those chemicals can damage the coating and void the warranty.

There was a video from a company in Britain called Adders Rinse and Wash that was using a solution of vinegar and water to change the composition of the windows to change them from hydrophobic to hydrophylic. This could be used on these windows to make them perfect for wfp work.

These windows sound more and more of a pain in the rear than anything else.

You got that right! Just another passing fad if you ask me.

Do you want to waste your time applying these chemicals to the windows and not getting paid for it?? like i said i can squeeggee faster than using a wfp.

plus you are going to have to use a ladder to apply the chemical Tony.

So, what is the point.

Actually the chemical is applied via wfp. In Britain they do regular cleans on homes once or twice a month. For them (and maybe those of us that have monthly house routes here) it is worth taking a few minutes to do this process.

good luck on that one…

if you have 40 windows, it will only take a few moments???


Self cleaning windows [B]ARE[/B] hydrophylic.

I’m not really talking about a house w/ 40 windows. In Britain they hardly have any that size. Plus it would be a one time thing. Not to mention that not every window would end up w/ this problem so the amount of windows would be less. Just putting out options for the guys that have wfp work figured out.

That solves that problem. Thanks!:wink:

Why can’t you use a WFP on these windows? I don’t use one so I don’t know.

I just cleaned a house with “self-cleaning” windows last week. I used WFP, but the glass was hydro[B]phobic[/B].

The homeowner has requested quarterly service. They regret ordering the self-cleaning add-on.

  1. The film breaks down after so many years
  2. The owner still has to make efforts to clean the windows from time to time
  3. Interior still needs to be cleaned (think about the high glass)

PS - Is Starbrite STILL claiming that he can squeegee faster than WFP’ing? :slight_smile:

Time for the vinegar and water trick. :wink:

You can, they are Hydrophobic so a fan jet will help quite a bit. Hydrophobic glass requires more time to rinse with a pencil jet. With a fan jet you can apply an even coat of water over the glass. Hydrophobic glass is another reason for a electric or battery pump because the pressure difference on glass over a DI or mixed bed tank is enormous thus not having to spend as much time rinsing.

Nice to hear from you, Marc!

I did a new construction years ago the had these “self cleaning windows” we had used a vinegar/water solution. I didn’t fully understand why. I just complied to what use told to us by the home owner/contractor.
So it seems that this type of window is getting cleaning by window cleaners just as often as all the other windows out there.
I’m not so worried about forced early retirement now :wink: