Selling in California

Looking to sell our business. Not sure how to price it. We’re Marvel Window Washing, a 5 Star co. rated #1 in Los Angeles on Google, Yelp and have been for 7 years consecutively.

We’ve grossed about 125K for each of the last 3 years with 1 pro and a helper.
4 Years ago, with 3 employees, our gross was 240K.

Assets: A client base of 1000+ A Nissan van 2014 with less than 30,000 mi. 5 1/2 pieces of sectional stack ladder. 40’ wfp. Upright screen washer. No employees at this time. Using subcontractors currently. My wife and I are seniors looking to retire. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be great. Thanks

Hey what’s up frank

Hi Genaro! I still owe you one for reaching those 5th floor windows for me! I hope you’re doing well.

You don’t owe me ,we’re good . Living the life

Hey Marvel, I’d be happy to talk it over. I’m currently running a second year full time window cleaning company in La Jolla. In my past: I sold a window cleaning company (started to get through school.) Next, sold a court reporting firm with 103 reporters, I built for 18 years. Then my translation company to my ex wife. is it ok to post phone numbers on this? ha ha

Sure Blake. I’m in Hollywood. Easy to find us online. Text me your number. I think I’ll enjoy talking with you as well about your interesting resume’.
Google or Yelp - Marvel Window Washing