Selling my window cleaning route but where to start?

I am looking to sell all my commercial accounts, so basically a client list. Are there specific websites anyone can recommend? (other than this one) Do I start cold calling/messaging other companies?

I feel like I’m slowly exhausting my network of business contacts as everyone I have a working relationship with just does NOT want anything to do with storefronts. The business owner in me sees that as a huge opportunity, but in reality my goal has always been to be a highly profitable solo op and I can’t balance the route and resi going forward. Plus doing so much route gets me burnt out.

Do I just hack and slash my route to only include the most profitable/manageable? Change my minimum from $20 to $50 or higher?

P.S. Btw I’m located in the central valley of California if anyone is directly interested.

How many accounts do you have?
Have they signed a service agreement or contract indicating price and frequency?

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33 accounts, no contracts


Do this !! You don’t have a lot of accounts. Build it bigger with accounts that you price on a higher profitability . Then sell it if it’s big enough you can attract more buyers. Know one is going to want to pay for a small route. Unless you find a guy that’s already in your service area that can add to his already existing route.