Selling the business/clients

So I’ve been washing windows now for about 7 years. I never intended for window cleaning to be my full time job, but here I am. I really don’t want to be doing it anymore, or at least don’t want want to be the only person out washing windows every day. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I don’t find somebody to help me (employ) I could mostly cut my residential jobs and go route work only, making window cleaning part time and regularly scheduled.

Another window cleaner has just moved to the area who did high rise in Minneapolis for another company, he’s trying to get his own thing going here. I’ve been considering the possiblity of either trying to hire him, subcontract residential work to him, and or make him an offer to buy my business and/or clients and get out of window cleaning it’s a small gig, but I have a good reputation and have to turn work away. What are your guy’s opinions on how to make either a transition or clean break, what is the value of my client base if I sold it, or how did you guys make the transition from solo cleaning to having an employee?

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someone who did high rise, to do residential jobs, hmm quite a vast difference between the 2 job types, something to consider

he would probably be more motivated to make it all work if he was buying your business or clients and if youre at a point to let go of that

He’s already doing some residential on the side, he does a good job. Actually just subbed a job to him today for the first time as a test, the lady was very pleased. I think he did storefront and high rise. I’m just lost when it comes to hide to make some kind of transition. It’s hard to find a person who can start part time and wants to work up to full time once they gain the experience needed and give me time to get the work required to give them those hours. How do you make that transition?

I too am in the same boat. I’ve talked to others read about it in this forum. Iam at the point now that I just need to jump in and do my best to make it work.

it will probably require a couple part time positions, the part time people may come and go as you build until you find the right full timer to handle the part time positions. then repeat again getting a part time helper and so on

the length of time to a full timer will depend on:

  1. your market/niche/size of service area
  2. and the extent and skill level you build out/hire out your marketing/advertising budget/efforts