Selling your business

Well…selling mine. Considering it anyway. Has anyone else had thoughts of moving on or know anyone who has successfully sold their business and ventured into something new? I would like to talk to them. Thanks!

OR…is anyone looking to expand the reach of their business by buying another one?

What area?

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We’re always looking to add new work and have successfully purchased two companies. They were smaller companies but we opened a lot of doors that we couldn’t have opened had we not bought that work. Case in point…One route we bought had a $15 UPS store and through a referral landed a $280/month account. The risk is always there of losing work and you should always expect a little attrition. As long as you
buy for the right price there’s a lot of value in it. We’re always Googling “Businesses for Sale in VA” with the hopes of finding a good one.

One lady we found wanted two years gross for her residential business and was thoroughly insulted when I told her she’d never get that. Apparently she thought the price of a little sweat was 6X higher than what we were willing to pay.


I’m in Portland, OR. March is 11 years for me and I’m ready to move onto something else. I’ve kept good books and I’m a little more realists about pricing and down payments.

Portland, OR

Brian Crowder with Curb Appeal in Greenville SC recently sold his business in California. You might message him to get some info.