Sensing unrest

i am new here, but i am sensing unrest among the wcr forum people.
can’t we just all get along. lol!
maybe you all just need a big forum hug!
merry christmas! :wink:

Everything seems normal!

its all good. just a few people going back and forth.
just being a smartass.

How funny!

We are like family. We love to fight and make up. Then…we all have forum make-up sex.

what posts are they doing this on… I don’t want to miss anything!


You just don’t want to miss the sex part. You have had a thing for me for years.

this is great. i had no idea i could advice on my window cleaning business and learn about forum sex.
thanks for lifting my spirits on this ****ty monday.

crappy is $400 worth of work I can’t do today because of -33 wind chill

I better put the hurry up on my other business… this sucks

dude that does suck. move south!
even though that’s bad i am still have a ****ty monday.

Chris doesn’t allow all out “free for all’s” but a skirmish here or there helps to clear the toxic substances from the air. :slight_smile:

Yea I like to think that the community here can sort of shame everyone into acting civil to one another. Then of course we have the the fridge for people to fight out there differences. Well not really fight them out but continue there battle away from the homepage main event.

Ill tell you, I think we all behave pretty well here for a basically un moderated forum. Im on this other window cleaning forum occasionally and literally 2/3 of the posts are people fighting about nothing. I sometimes get sucked into it, usually by just defending WCR from vicious power hungry moderators.

what forums are these?

There are more than enough witty people devoted to WCR that will fight for you or at least speak from a different point of view. If WCR haters get a response from a Chris or Alex, that is heaven for them.

I would love to “get involved” with a WCR discussion, where is it?

ok. i was only being a smartass. i just found it funny how a couple of guys were taking jabs at each other. nothing serious, and i didn’t mean to imply that it was. it was just funny to me.
it’s all good.
now get back to work!

I can’t get back to work now! You’ve opened up old scars. My day is ruined because of this. THANKS ALOT!

j/k :smiley:

omg i am so sorry. how can i ever make this up to you?

Hey man… I know most would love to “get involved” :smiley: but I am going to decline to comment at this point… Only in an effort to keep the peace.

there’s only so much a girl can do via a forum!

I feel like such a tool for even battling on the internet.
If two years ago I knew there would be internet battling in my future I would time travel to now and kick my own ass.

I seem to remember the other day you were kicking ass. You could’ve taken care of yourself then.:stuck_out_tongue: