SEO nerd RIPS phone book in HALF!


Video is private bro, can’t watch it



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Impressive, but i could still kick your @$$ lol just kidding :slight_smile:

I think its time for you to get a girlfriend Doug. That is way too much wrist strength pal.

That’s killer!! While watching this I had flashbacks of the incredible hulk.

Wow that is wild.

they make it that thick so the older folks cant do what you just did. Most of my calls come from older folks from the YPs :wink:

Every phone book I see I just want to rip in half.

I hope they stay around for that reason alone.

Every phone book my company or my home gets, I rip in half and put on the hood of one of my guy’s trucks, to show those young bucks that they still cant mess with me!!:wink:

Looking good Doug


Charlie- Thats awesome, I think I’m gonna take that idea and use it with a slight twist on may past due customers, I’ll leave a past due noticed and a ripped in half phone book on their porch. (Just kidding, I now have $0 in AR)

Ha! That’s awesome.

Do NOT make me post my fat boy benchpressing video. Are we gonna have a feats of strength video war now?