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Does anyone have any good tips? I am trying to get my site up on the rankings a little. For the past couple of years i always ranked #1 on google…

For key words like “NJ Window Cleaning” New jersey Window Cleaning" etc…

but recently we slipped a little…

Tips anyone?

[COLOR=Blue] One thing is to have everyone you know google whatever name like “NJ Window Cleaning” New jersey Window Cleaning" etc… then pick your company website from the list. Google pays attention to what sites get picked most frequently after a particular search.

That’s the only one I know, sorry.[/COLOR]


The key to top rankings in all the search engines is back links.

Google generally ranks based upon keyword phrases that are contained in those links. The phrase used to link to you is called “anchor text”. If you want to be ranked for NJ window cleaning then you need to get links coming to your site using the phrase “NJ window cleaning” or “New Jersey window cleaning”. If you want to rank higher in the rankings for specific phrases you must get more back links than your competition for those phrases.

If you would like to know more just pm me. No, I’m not trying to sell anything. Just have a lot of experience with it and I’m willing to share.


Yeah - I agree with Mike, with one small addendum:

If you can score an incoming link from a website that Google considers very important, it will be worth 100 times more than incoming links from unimportant sites.

[INDENT]Example: One of my local competitors happens to be related to the owner of a [I]huge [/I]online home improvement website that has [I]huge pagerank[/I] from Google.

With just ONE incoming link from this important site, he achieved top 5 ratings overnight, and maintained them for well over a year.[/INDENT]

P.S. Interestingly, Mike, when I used keyword anchor text in my forum signature, Google dropped my site massively almost immediately. It must be because so many scammers have tried to manipulate their rankings with imaginary forum entries across the web with the same thing. Have you noticed a difference since doing this yourself?

If you post a lot on forums with the exact same link in your sig then Google may look at that as unnatural linking. Google wants everything to be “natural” so if you do a couple of hundred posts with the same link and link text they may consider it out of their norm and penalize you. However Google may hammer your ranking for no apparent reason too.

Posting like crazy on forums is a spammer trick to get more backlinks. Sometimes it will work for a while, sometimes not. I don’t post enough to worry about it.


Man your killing me here. LOL. You want to push me off the map lol. Just kidding. Chris, your site has been up for a pretty decent amount of time and that will help you stay listed. Over the past few months this “Bluechip” guy came out of no place. But in all honestly, it’s going to be really tough cause you are competing with a couple of factors. 1 you are competing with my sites and being they have those key phrases in their titles and domain name over time they will take relevance in regards to google. The other factor is we are both competing with national, service magic an that magic yellow sites. Beating them out is not impossible but will be hard because of the frequent updating of their directory with the word “window cleaning”. That bluechip guy can be knocked off the listing, but that could take a little more work and IMO not worth the headache. If you look at all the top ten who list with us, it’s a no brainer for a homeowner. Do you want to search national for a window cleaner? I don’t. Do you want to search service magic? I don’t, etc with the other sites. The two best things you and I both have with those rankings are 1) if someone calls, we will answer the phone. 2) the sites are up and running, made professionaly, give out the proper info, etc. Those to factors alone are enough to bring in the work from our sites. But I for one am very glad to list where I list, if this was any other industry we would be happy to list on the 3rd page for 1 keyword. Listing on google 1st page for more then 20 or so keywords is a great achievement.

The main problem is the adult sites. They are constantly looking for ways around googles algorithm. In the past you could put up a link directly to a ton of window cleaning and janitorial supply companies and pull off a top 10. Now it’s not possible. Google keeps making it’s bot smarter and smarter. The last bot they had was spidering blogs for BS links. They have made the bot so smart now that it can and will read a sentence and know the difference if it’s a spam sentenece. IE: I put in a blog “Ray cleans windows for [insert link on text]new jersey window washing.” A couple of months goes by and I toss up “[insert link on text]New Jersey window cleaning cleans windows with a guy named Raymond.”
Little things like this in the past would work cause the bot would not read the sentence. It would just read the link and then let it go into the database. Now it’s smart enough to catch the BS linking. Recently there has been a lot of talk about geting sites to link to you that have nothing at all with the industry or site you are trying to list. One thing you might want to consider is when asking for referals also ask the client if they have a blog or website and would consider putting up a little review of your companies service, with a link. It’s a hard sell but if it works, that’s just what google wants. Inbound links from the middle of a paragraph that has nothing to do with the industry.

Solid reflection. Thx.

I have been using to submit my site automatically. My site is listed #1 on Google in my area for the past 3 years and has never fell in the ranking. I believe that it is 24.00 a month if im not mistaken for their services. I remember back when I was trying to submit it myself, I read in a book that if you submit your site too often to Google it will kick it out as an invalid website(Spam) Engineseeker has some really impressive clients like Hersheys Chocolates. They promise listing on the 1st page of Google guaranteed.


Steve you are correct. Submitting your site over and over will get you nothing but problems. I submit my sites about every 6 months. I did a little reading on that site you use and would like to give you some advice. The industry we are in has very little in the line of competition on the web. I don’t think it’s really needed to purchase a service to do what they are doing for this industry. In reading a post on Affiliate Marketing Advice & Affiliate Program Resources

you will see that the owner of the company replies to questions pertaining to his company. He stated one interesting thing regarding keywords and competing for them. He uses “Off the wall” keywords to list his clients. Now is that a good or bad thing? Well some might say it’s good, but I always felt it was bad. Why promo a site with keywords that have nothing or very little to do with the product or industry you are in? It’s spam tactic that goes no place in the long run. These tactics work great for traffic selling sites, where volume is key to making a living. But as I stated before, targeted traffic is the most important thing. I live in NJ and could care less about traffic coming from any other place as it does me no good. Now if I had a franchise that would be a differant story as I could push a respective stated traffic to one of my franchises.
What keywords are you listing with? If your site has been listed for 3 years on page one in google. I would not bother with this site anymore. You will have listed with Google long enough that your ranking will fall very little if it falls at all. That’s a good chunk of bread you could use for other purposes. your spending roughly $1 per day for traffic. Are you sure you know where that traffic is comming from? Are the hits/visits unique? That’s an important part. Many companies will tell you, that you got 1000 hits per month, yet it’s really only 10 people coming to the site again and again. I tried to explain this to a friend of mine who was paying for traffic and SEO for his real estate site. He was claiming that the company was sending him over 50k worth of traffic per month. No matter what I told him he did not want to listen. I don’t know if it was pride and he did not want to feel he wasted his money or if he was just stupid. The last time I spoke with him about it, he was using this company for about 2 years. He kept ranting about the 50k worth of traffic. Then I said to him “You have gotten 50k per month for 2 years, that’s 1.2 million in traffic correct?” He says “Yes” I say “How many sales have you made from the internet? How many of your customers do you know 100% came from the internet?” He says “Oh well most of my customers came from the newspaper and real estate magazines.” So then I say "Well then you just wasted a load of money and time and could have hurt your site using a company like this. Bad part is, you don’t even see that." Well anyway be careful with those sites. I have read a couple of reviews about them and the reviews seem good. But most of the time when it comes to the internet, reviews are bull cause the owners of the companys stand up so many sites, you never know if the reviewer works for the site they are reviewing or has some reason for giving it a good review.
Just to give you an idea of the targeting I’m talking about. My site got 194 unique visits in december. 186 of those are from the USA. 65 of those are in my state, 43 of them are towns I service. I did a whopping 10 jobs in December. All of them were from the web. How do I know? Cause I stopped all my advertsing for the months of december and january. Plus when customes call I ask where they heard about us. These 10 customer stated they found me on the web. That’s 100% business in Dec from the web roughly 25% of the traffic from new jersey that came to the site contacted me for service. Does this happen every month? No. This last season my site brought me in 7% of my business cause I was also advertsing in other places and well, it was the season. But I’m sure as time goes by I will have no issues with stating 25% of my total business comes from the web. It comes cause I target new jersey. One thing this surly showed me was stopping my advertsing in the off season months was stupid. It showed me that people in NJ are still looking for window cleaning and gutter cleaning in December. I will see how jan and feb work out. If I still get calls. I will not be stopping my advertsing during those months. Heck I figure I will run the ads next year just to have my business in their faces for the coming season.

Sorry for the long one.

It is also important to differentiate “hits” from “pageviews”

A “hit” occurs every time a ‘file’ is requested from the server that your website is hosted on. This webpage that you are reading right now ( has probably 20-50+ small files generating the 1 (ONE) pageview you are looking at.

‘Files’ include both image and text.

Therefore, one “pageview” = 50 “hits”.

“1,000,000 hits” therefore can be quite UNimpressive at the end of the day.

Also, beware of massive traffic promises, even if they are legitimate numbers. I could find a way to get 300,000 unique visitors to your site if you paid me enough, but probably less than 1% would be the kind that you’re looking for!

100 targeted visitors are worth 100,000 generic visitors, in my opinion, ESPECIALLY for service providers like us (window cleaning) that have geographic boundaries.


What is your website url, I can take a look at it for you if you like? I had my site optimized, and right now i am ranked #1 on google,msn,yahoo

you can take a look at my site if you wish

also one more thing, google does not search for meta tags anymore, so it is all based on content and link exchanging

Hey Doug


Hey Chris,

I went to google, and you are #3 right now, and on yahoo and msn you are #1.

So your ranking is pretty good. you might want to try to linking to other business other than window cleaning. If you want you can go to my links page and use some of the companies that i use.

you might also want to add all the zip codes and city names that you serve on like 3 of the pages of your website, I have mine at the very bottom of my pages

But i like the way your site looks.
Also one other thing, search engines do not pick up images of flash, but you can add text to your images, this also helps you out in the search engines.


I forgot one more thing, it is very important to add the city and zip codes on your home index page.

Linking to other cleaning related websites is a must.
This will bring more targeted traffic to our sites, plus increase our websites’ weight at the search engines, as they give greater value to the links from the topic-related sites rather than irrelevant backlinks.

I have a very simple to use submit your link page on my cleaning website to automate the process.

Anybody interested and it will only take 2 minutes to complete.

Follow the link below to start the process.

Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Pressure Wash Cleaning, Links

PLEASE NOTE: Your link will only be accepted if you have a genuine links page at your website address.

Please dont ask us to link to blogs or wiki’s it just doesnt work that way.



You should hit up the Legend of Doug he knows all about SEO.

Chris, check out this forum and you will learn almost everything you need to know. It will take time to read up, but it will tell you about myths of pagerank, link building and forum sigs. These guys all own their own SEO companies much like this forum. You can also hire them, but like us, they arent cheap.

You can take info from their site and use it and get what you need. Or, I know one of the guys on their, one of the mods, who will take on a client for 1500 a month. A little too much for me…but by 2011 I will be hiring him even if the price is higher. This company did the seo for Dell computers.

Hope this helps. Just the stickies on that site are more informative than any other info I found.:wink: