No but seriously,
im registered with other forums …not window washing ones and let me tell you guys… window washers have been the nicest friendliest most helpful people ive come across!
No * well there is a search button for that*
No * We ve been reading for months on end you should do the same*
No * Who are you… what are u asking*
You guys in this site answer all questions even if its been asked a thousand times.
I love this place… I love this job… I really enjoy it!

You know ive been here for alittle time and I feel like im in a secret society with WW brothers…
We need a lodge or something with a secret greeting… special hats… or something like that. I mean people have churches …Philosophers have temples… we should have something!

          What would be our secret society name;

Who are you and if you use the search button to read every post ever written, you’d know about the secret lodge… it doesn’t have windows. However, The Door of Knowledge Through Which the Untutored May Not Pass sticks something wicked when it’s raining so you’ll have to give it a good kick.

My vote for a name would be the “Kinship of Ideal Cleaning Knights of the Ancient Secret Squeegee.”

Oh as an aside, philosophers haven’t had temples since about 250bc. Today philosophers either have an ivory tower or a spot in front of the deep fryer - there’s no real middle ground for philosophy.

Hahaha, very true. Or they are inside your mansion cleaning your muntins. Have we disclosed the secret muntin cleaner to the new guy yet?
The blend of anionic and cationic surfactants is breathtaking in it’s molecular elegance !

Yea I always hate when people are told to use the search button… I have even thought about removing it at times…

Before WCR started this is what was happening frequently at NWCD forum. Not surprised it went quiet over there. Too bad because there’s plenty to learn from post on that site as well.

The search button is a tool. But when you need answers, asking the pro’s or ones who have been there ahead of you is always quite helpful. This place has always quite proudly been helpful.

Sorry, for awhile I was one of those “the search button is your friend” guys, until i woke up and saw the light.

I could elaborate but that will be for a thread during the dark days of winter! :wink:

Yeah…being a newbie on the PWR is NOT s friendly experience. Funny though, you can tell who there is also a window cleaner because they tend to be more helpful…Maybe that could be the secret handshake, just being courteous. LOL

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PS I know the PWR is part of the WCR…just commenting on the difference in users

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PPS why would you buy a motor from Wal-Mart?!!

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To be clear/fair: there is a TON of great knowledge there…just presented more kindly here.

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The search facility is a good feature and tool.

As time goes on the same questions are asked time and time again… everyones responses get less and less informative until people don’t reply to the same questions.

I suggest to others to use the search feature to help get some knowledge from what have gone before and then come back with specific questions.

It’s funny you mention that. I had the exact same feelings when I first started posting there. Power washing guys tend to be far less tolerant of noobs. It’s a bummer, left a bad taste in my mouth. To be fair though, I was dumb about some stuff, so I guess I had it coming.

I also have to mention, some of the PWRA guys are on my short list for best guys ever. It just seems the ratio of great guys to jerks is a little less than over here at wcr.

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I had the same experience.

I believe the search function is your friend though . Ya ask a question an you will get answers , but if you use the search there are even more answers to your question. I learned a lot from ptek forum never asked one question just read an read an read some more all by using the search button. It didint bother me that they would say use the search button there right in a way someone would come on an ask what is SH an what is wrong with saying use the search it will give him more answers to his question not only what it is but how to use it how to mix it what there mixing it with . Some if them did get cocky with it when all they had to is explain why to use it .
Here is another thing if some one answered his question an said sodium hyperchlorite. What good does that do him he needs to know more about it not just what it is .
So hence use the search button an all the little morcels are in there . There big on not getting spoon fed answers over there .
To me if I ddi ask a question an someone said use the search function I would not be mad as long as he said it respectfully . If he came off like a dick I would have giving him a little peace if my mind
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Have you learned our secret handshake? You will need to practice it before you attend a window cleaning event.

you see thats the problem… its rarely done respectefully… I was made to feel really dumb and it turned me off completely tp PW forum… there are really cool guys who told me that there a lot of guys here who are…rude.

nope please tell me …please

I was only kidding. Everyone on this forum is really cool. Sorry if you took it the wrong way

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