Server Issues

WCR has been experiencing some server issues the past 2 weeks. Sometimes the site slows down really bad and sometimes its just fine.

I have been working behind the scenes trying to fix it, but its not quite resolved yet. It should be another week or so of on and off problems.

I apologize for the inconvenience… I hope to have it fixed as quick as possible.

Work HARDER Chris!!!

Will do Linda! I find I work better when you call me up and yell at me!

You’re doing a great job Chris. Just don’t let me have problems geting my fix of vitamins W C and R!:smiley:

I’d call you Chris, except for Brandt ran off with the phone, in his shopping cart no less!!

what do you run on your server…microsoft?

i guess its time you run Linux on your server eh Chris? fast, solid and reliable lol

Hey Eric… actually I do run linux. I have an idea of what the problem is… Its just taking longer than I expected to rectify it.

Make sure your rectifier is grounded before you sneak up on the server.

I was worried to why it was so slow, been keeping away because of it. Now I know - I’m a little relieved.

forum seems to be working well 2day. TY Chris.