Service Agreement

Hi there. We have never used service agreements before, but I have a customer asking for one. I guess he wants to lock in our quoted price for the next year. Does anyone have a sample that I can use? I’ve searched through the thread but all the links are old. Thanks!

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I am also interested in seeing what a service agreement looks like.

Ask them exactly what they want done.

Say its a 2 story office building and you do it in and out various times of the year. I do one for example 8x per year. They want it all done by ladder and not with a water fed. the last guys Fish window cleaning show up in the rain and waterfed it.

I made a basic invoice stating i would provide 8x cleanings per year. so 1 cleaning every 6 weeks. We would clean 6x per year outside only , and 2x per year inside and out i charged 6000.00 plus state taxes. I also stated that as much as one would like to clean 8x per we may get cancelled to weather, rain or snow. ( these clients almost cancel every time ) I said i would then pick them back up as soon as i could. I service more accounts so it may take 10-14 days to pick this reschedule back up. So with these folks per payind for 8x cleans per year it may only turn out to 5 cleans per year and the money is non refundable. They offered to prepay me for some reason and go forward with this choice. Let me know if this is of help or if you want to provide email i can send you a copy of how it exactly looks.

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Thank you, that is very helpful. Would you mind still sending me a copy of what it looks like? [email protected]