Service CEO Software

Does anyone use this software to schedule and track customers, employees etc?

It is supposed to work well with Quickbooks and import info into QB so everything stays up to date.

Thoughts and or suggestions?

If you don’t use this one, what do you use, if any?

Did you see a price? Nevermind I see now.

Last I heard this is what Chris uses for All County. I have checked into myself, but have not used yet.

He has a long list of issues, but feels married to it due his investment. Use the Search feature to find his comments.

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ServiceCEO has problems exporting correctly to QB. Standard reporting is poor. You can put together custom reports, difficulty high and expensive. Too complex for most service companies.

So what is a good software to use? Seemingly Service CEO is crap, Customer Factor has tons of problems, Vazing is expensive but otherwise good? There must be one good piece of software worth using other than QB

Im road testing a trial run of right now anyone use that?

Depends on your size. customer factor is good for small companies and smart service is good for larger…multiple crews.

We have been usuing Service CEO for 3 years now. We also use quickbooks but do not integrate the two.

I like service ceo becuase I have invested so much time in learning how to use it and am able to do what I need to do with it. However, I would not recommend that anyone purchase the program. I called Service CEO over 3 months ago to ask a question and have still not gotten a return call. You can never get anyone to answer the phone, anwer a question or to return a call.

definitely when you find a program you like, make sure there will be people to help you answer questions you may have.

Thank you, yeah heard a lot of bad stuff similar to that about Service CEO which is a shame really as I liked the look of it. Guess I need to keep plugging along and try find something which works.

I’ve just started using Google calendar and have it set up on my laptop and smart phone. I will also be getting QB this spring to run the business more efficiently. I’ve heard the two can be synched. Is that true?

The main problem with Vazing, unless they’ve changed it is you can’t schedule more than 100 jobs in a month. So, your pretty limited in that regard. It’s also like 100 bucks a month. Actually the same company makes both Service CEO and Vazing. Service CEO is what the larger service companies use and Vazing is what the smaller companies use. Service CEO is hands down a better product from what I’ve heard.

I wouldn’t say that The Customer Factor has tons of problems. I used it for some time and it worked wonderful for my needs. Scheduling etc. and leaving noone customer behind.

I agree. I haven’t had one issue with Customer Factor actually. I have been using if for a while now and I love it. Some people on here have a different opinion though. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Has anyone used Smart Service or Wintac?

How about using a database, a word processor, a calendar program. and Quickbooks?

It makes it tough because it’s hard to integrate. A lot of the stuff you will have to double/triple enter stuff. I want to be able to enter stuff one time.

I used Service CEO for a couple of years and never had any problems with the actual program working. There were some things I didn’t like about it, but it was always super reliable. It is a monster to learn but Service CEO provides a mountain of training classes and other helps including a forum. I absolutely would not hesitate to buy Service CEO if you are planning to grow your business.

I use access and excel and they integrate just fine. Publisher works for me to design the ad copy I want and then I can send it over to my printer to get professional results. I use a separate program on a dedicated computer for payroll and taxes

That’s a good idea, I remember taking a class on it back in college. It could do some pretty sweet things when you know how to work it. It’s just the getting it to work part and spending time working out all the kinks, I don’t think I want to invest the time setting up my own.

How long did it take you to work out the kinks and set it all up?

WOW! A forum where we can ask Service CEO questions! Great!!!
Currently using Service CEO Client Software Version 6.02.0226.

From day 1 we have not been able to figure out how to print [U][B]only unpaid invoices out of ServiceCEO[/B][/U]. In order to mail customers their unpaid invoices, we have to print EVERYTHING and then manually go through a huge stack of paper and pull out the outstanding invoices.

Is there someone who could ‘throw us a bone’ and enlighten us with the answer for this quandary of ours?