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Hi Does anyone benifit from [I]service magic[/I] they waive the $99 setup fee and your leads cost $12 each and you are competing with other local wc ers. Any body use this method of lead generation ???:rolleyes:

I used them. Big waste of money. Too much competition and lowballers and leads that you can never get in contact with. Look at it this way… if you get 5 leads at $12 and only win one of those jobs you just paid $60 for that one lead. Money that can be better spent on other forms of advertising. Oh and don’t forget to add in the cost & time of going and giving the estimates.

The only ones making money with Service Magic is Service Magic.

But thats only my experience some companies, not just wc companies, think they are they greatest thing since toilet paper, and if they have little competition in there service area then it probably is.

I was a member when it first came out. Its was pretty cool back then because you could accept or decline the lead (pay for it if you accepted-Didnt pay if you declined). I was just too busy at the time to take any more work on so I shut my leads down for a good while. After growing to a bigger operation, ServiceMagic contacted me wanting me to come on board again. The person on the phone was very confusing to follow. They have changed their format all together. She said that I was the only company in my area that would be listed as window & gutter cleaning services in my area. I thought that it would be well worth the money for the leads then. THEY F***ING LIED TO ME BIGTIME!!! It turns out that they had about 6 window & gutter cleaning companies in my area getting leads at the same time I was getting them! After getting a charge for over $100.00 a month for leads such as gutter and downspout replacement?, Roofing? window replacement? etc, I dropped them like a bad habit. BIG BIG waste of money.
The worst part of the experience was that the used deception to get me to sign up.


Screw Service Magic

I was considering Service Magic too, so I tried it out as a customer. I asked for a window cleaning bid around 7:00pm. By 7:05pm I had two emails, a text message, and a message on my home machine, all from two of the ‘recommended’ vendors, and the third contacted me by 8:00am the next morning via email and home phone.

I knew a little about two of the three more or less, and the reputation of the third. All good at lowering my standard of living. One of them is way on the other side of my very large city! Nope, I have no time or desire to compete with those types of companies nor chasing after the penny saving clientele.

And I don’t work at 7:00pm!

Sincerely, Alan@ICC

Thank you Alan, Paul, Steve and Sean It appears that “big waste of money” is the common consenus. Thanks for the qk answers and money saving advice … this forum is awesome !!!

I Googled “Service Magic Complaints” and this is what came up. What the funny part is SM actually pays for a Goodle AdWord with a heading that says Service Magic Complaints. It’s like they are admitting they suck.

Funny I would peruse WCR and see this thread at the top of the list. I just got off the phone with yet another of their reps trying to sell it again.

They can’t give me what I’ve already got. IMO, service magic can give you internet presence and in some instances - good leads. I’ve already got good SEO in my area and I chase my leads with my little cards just fine and no one takes $12 off the top once I land them.

I have never tried them and probably never will.

I signed up a couple of years ago after they waived the $99.00 fee. It was a hassle and a waste of time for me.

Company i worked for still uses them but i cant recall ever seeing my work orders having more then 5 customers a season come from them.

Spend your money on seo, or even fliers.

Trying to get an idea of job bids in the area, I sent them all the information they would need to contact me in regards to doing my parents windows. Apparently they had 3 cleaners listed utilizing their services. I did this two weeks ago, have yet to hear from any of those cleaners. So this could mean several things. Either the cleaners never got the bid request, or … the cleaners are too busy to respond, which would mean they are being charged for a referral even though they do not use it? Although I didn’t get a quote, I guess if they all have so much work that they don’t need to respond, that is a good thing. I have been saying here for years, if you can get someone to actually answer your call, actually show up to place a bid, they will generally get the job, because just getting someone to do that, seems to be next to impossible. One would think, with our current economy crisis, these people would realize that they need to change their old ways of doing business. The good thing, it just means there is room for me!

Joie - N. CA

Right there is another good reason why SM doesn’t work… Too many other companies or wannabes going on there just to see who else uses them and to see what their prices are. Three wcer’s received a bogus lead that they each had to pay $12 for. SM made $36 and the wcer’s $0. Actually -$12.
Did it matter that they didn’t call you back, you where only wasting there time and money anyway because you had no intention of hiring any of them.

3 years ago I was getting a decent percentage. I quit doing it because we were getting only 1 out of 15 over the past couple years. Actually there is another
thread that talks about servicemagic that you can search.

Just a bit of advice (and this is really common sense, but apparently I was lacking) don’t give ServiceMagic your number until you’re ready to get a call twice a day everyday for a few weeks. I declined signing up back in June 08… but I still get a call at least every other week. The annoyance has definitely made my decision for me; I won’t ever be using SM.

If you are a lowballer Service Magic would be great! I didn’t get one job from them. I would be the first to show up and then the customer would use my bid to get the other two cleaners lower.

Don’t waste your time or gas!


I’m not signed up with service magic or angie’s list. But the last week and half. I’ve been getting calls saying they got my name and number from angie’s list or service magic. I just tell you have the wrong person. Because I not a menber of either one of them.

Anyone ever have them call you and say that got your name from S/M or Angie’s List??

Free lead? Book it son!

Manny I have lots of work. If I’m dry I’ll book it in a heart beat.