Severe sprinkler deposits

I’m posting for a friend out in CA working a jobsite. He’s asking what will get these deposits off, I suggested CLR but thought you guys might have suggestions for ‘off the shelf’ chems.

What a mess, people and their non-maintenance of anything

throw some one-restore on there agitated with steel wool (and proper protection etc etc), that will dissolve all the type I white stuff, what will be left is the type II “shadow” silicate damage, replacement only option

tell customer you can reduce or lighten it but not eliminate it

it’s called not waiting 10 years to solve something

sorry, pet peeve of mine, lol

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My friend doesn’t have access to WC supplies, he was talking CLR or muriatic acid…basically whatever he can get at Lowes or whatever Kalifornia allows.

Agree with @Bruce but otc-1st-Waiver signed, 2-muriatic acid wash and steel wool, then 3-wash off with a good deal of water/soap solution. the silicate will be left.