Shadowed a WC Yesterday-Success!

I shadowed a longtime friend of mine yesterday to learn the WC business; it went GREAT!
I want to thank all of you for your suggestions and advice, both directly to me and through the wonderful search history on this site.
Because of your help I knew what questions to ask and I had a good idea of all that was going on throughout the day.
We did 2 upscale houses inside/out, 1 house outside only, and a storefront that needed Christmas paint removed first.
I’m less nervous about ladder work and am actually starting to learn how to fan.
I think my next step is to shadow a couple of other WCers, and start the process of getting a business license, insurance, etc. I have an appointment with a counselor with the American Small Business Association to learn all the steps I need to take.
Thanks again for all the help.

Excellent! Way to go.

Congratulations! You in Phoenix?

I’m just outside the Phoenix metro area in Maricopa. When I start my business I believe I’ll be focusing on the East Valley and possibly central Pinal County (just South of Phx).

good for you. rock on!

Good luck with everything.

Well done Brad! Never loose that enthusiasm, it will serve you well.

Thats cool. Nice to see others are helping you. Did you guys get a FD scratch wavier signed for your gigs?

No we didn’t. I asked my friend about that and he said he has never done that. I’m not sure why, but I plan on doing it!

So you are going to drive over to MESA from MARICOPA ? Sounds like you will be spending more in fuel than you will be making ! There are several thousand homes there in MARICOPA ! Why dont you focus on MARICOPA & CASA GRANDE ? You just might hit it off really well in those areas.
I think i spoke to you before … You had a ad up on craigslist if i remember right !
I think you put on there SEALS CLEANED and i commented back and said
" do you have to feed them haring " … LOL
There is so much work out there that it is not even funny.If your prices are right and you do a great job you will make it but you screw one person and it will come back at ya in 10 fold !
That is just my 2 cents. I think everyone here has given you some great advice and it sounds like you are doing things the right way as far as starting off.
Good luck my friend and welcome to a awesome site. You won’t find one any better.

Glad to hear you are planning on it. Let me know if I can help.

You’re thinking of someone else; I haven’t posted anything on Craigslist. My only concern with focussing just on Maricopa/Casa Grande is that there aren’t very many high dollar homes, mostly middle class; I’m just not sure if I can get enough work to go full time in Maricopa, I’d sure like to try though!
Are you in the Phoenix area?

In the Video Chat last night, Kevin Dubrosky (Paneless Perfection) basically said that it’s good to target middle class. For Kevin, the upper-middle class is the “sweet spot”.
Kevin also said (not in these exact words), the upper class/ high income/ rich folks…whatever you call them…generally they don’t want to spend money on window cleaning because they don’t place value on window cleaning.
There was some additional talk on this topic in that chat.

Try this link…it should take you to WCR’s page on USTREAM. Kevin’s video is there.


You have to remember one thing which this has helped me out in anything that dealt with sales … IT IS A NUMBERS GAME. Yes i am in the PHX, Area and i do very well.
My prices are not the lowest nor are they the highest. I will not post on CRAIGSLIST but i do read those ads and laugh at a lot of the BUCKET BOBS out there that are pretty much WHOREING them self out to make a couple of dollars.
Granite times are tough and people are lookng to make a quick dollar to put food on the table … So i understand the concept of either sinking or swimming.
I have found that the middle class is the best place to aquire business and they are very appreciative for the work done.
Yeah it is nice to get the UPPER CLASS homes but after i have done the big homes that are in the upwards of 15,000 sqf home they really do not want to pay the price.
I find it much better to do 2-3 homes a day in the middle class sector and make just as much money and i am not there for all day, Along with that i find myself getting bored with big homes.Seems like when you do a big house the owners like to drop dollar amounts on their belongings … Not all are like that but the ones i have done i think they have a low self esteem.
I do not know if MARICOPA or CASA GRANDE has a gated community for retired people but that has always been a great place to get work.Yes they are on a fixed income but 90 % of them are not going to climb a ladder to clean windows. You might have to figure a way how to get passed the guard gate but that is pretty simple … Be creative !!!
I am not mocking you down or anything like that from the last post but if your wheels are spinning you are not making any money.
I would think the area you are in would be a awesome area to get business … I do not know how many window cleaning businesses are out there but i am sure you can do very well out there. People here in PHX are not going to drive out that far to do 1 house or even 3 at the most in one day.That is a good hour or more drive depending where they are coming from.
The people here on this site are a great bunch and are always willing to help out.

I’ve always been scared of heights. I believe that the respect for those heights has helped to keep me alive, however. The fear never kept me from doin’ it, though -hauled around a 32’ Werner 6 days a week for over a decade, many times by myself. Even worked scaffolding at a power plant, hundreds of feet above the concrete, for a while at one point.

Most of the guys that I know that have fallen and either died or now have serious injuries that they will live with for the rest of their lives, were entirely fearless when it came to heights.