Shapes showing after I add soapy water to the glass

Have you ever had this happen to you?

I was cleaning large commercial glass, it was tempered glass made by olde castle. When I soaped the glass, the glass didn’t seem smooth, but even after adding soapy water there was shapes that showed on the glass like cirles, and textures. It was the strangest thing. Does that mean that glass has debris, or is not good? What does it mean?

After I cleaned the glass the glass looked clean and fine.


homophobic glass

Heating patterns & gradients can transfer to the glass often viewed as colours & press patterns - I forget what the terminology is. If you catch it at a 30 angle you can make out the Virgen Mary or similar.

If you are referring the way the water seperates or disperses on the glass - this is referred to how hydrophobic (water hating) or hydrophillic (water loving) the glass is. Of course the hydrophillic glas is a lot of easier to clean - meaning less slip factor is needed & water ‘sheeting’ when using wfp. The newer hydrophobic glass although keeping the glass generally cleaner for longer periods is harder to clean due to the lack of ‘sheeting’, & the water seperating causing squeegee drag.

The shapes you are seeing are the suction cup marks from when the glass was moved around in the factory, Im not really sure what causes it, but sometimes you can see them between the panes so it must be caused during the manufacturing, Im guessing it happens when the glass is at some stage of manufacture where it’s malleable and easily marked
I don’t think it shows for sure that theres fab debris , but if the manufacturer is poor enough to allow this to happen, then there is a good chance they don;t keep their other machines very clean

That makes perfect sense. Thanks

Is there any way to get rid of the shapes?

So It’s purposely made like that to keep the windows clean longer? Like a self-cleaning glass?

i sure wouldnt worry about it. as long as its not “crunchy glass” (thats my stage name by the way) it should be fine. the contractor cant get you with putting shapes on there.

Colour (rainbow) is just a natural occurrence in heat treated glass with the materials used. Hydrophobic glass is becoming more popular.

I didn’t realise you were getting the target shapes - it wasn’t mentioned. Usually rain-X or similar will hide these marks applied to the area.

Rubbing with mineral spirits can help sometimes, but usually theres not much you can do, Along with roperiders " crunchy glass" I call this stuff “memory glass” as it seems to remember everything that ever touched it, eg, fingerprints, wipe marks, suction cups etc
As bad as this can sometimes look, most of the time its not noticeable when the window is dry, I use it as a means to convince the contractor of the shoddy work practices by some window manufacturers
If you are having a hard time convincing them of Fab debris as they cannot see it just say " well look at this" and wet the window in front of them, It usually softens their stance that the windows come from the factory in perfect condition

Yeah, I noticed circles, which I now understand was the suction cup. Hydrophobic glass, may have some effect on profitability if the customer decides to reduce frequency, it is good for residential I suppose.

Good idea.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it.

hydrophobic, homophobic…awww same difference.

matt I noticed
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were there any pizza shapes?

If it’s Old Castle just be aware of fab debris! If you need to scrape get a waiver! I take that back get the waiver regardless. Never can be too safe.

isnt Old Castle a crappy beer?

New Castle.

Are you seeing beer shapes in your glass?

new castle or white castle?

I have heard of using Rain-X. Its a temporary fix. I believe it rehydrates the glass. I could be misspeaking but I recall hearing that.

Macroomboy is 100% correct. These spots will probably reappear now and then for ever especially in the morning when there is temperature changes. As Alex said rain X does work but its temporary.

cerium oxide will help.
Mark the affected shape from inside…using a dry erase marker.

Using a car buffer and a foam pad…and slow speed…polish the outside well passed the affected area.

Then, using any organic acid (we used phosphoric tile cleaner diluted way down) re-wash then rinse the area. This will help re-set the surface tension to a more balanced state.

Game over.