Shaving Cream

I was reading on another forum that you can add shaving cream to your solution to give it better glide. Have any of you tried this? What kind of shaving cream? How much per gallon?

just buy the right stuff from the begining ie gg3 or 4 and you wont have to worry about glide…

My dad favored Barbasol menthol.

Glide is subjective.

“Glide” is a song by a Phish.

That’s Shawn’s territory, though I do have the A Picture of Nectar CD.

edge shaving gel works well for getting the haze off of smokers windows. As far as GG3 and 4 having glide hmmmmm… maybe after a couple squirts of dish soap.

I try not to use anything in my water except for a surfactant. I am always concerned about runoff or staining. I have cleaned interior windows where the people used such cheap paint that rubbing the frames and edges with a damp towel smudged the paint.

You want glide? Try some of Dad’s Brylcreem. Plus you get an added shine.

Those that dont want to spring for real “friction reducer” may want to try “Jet Dry” in a pinch… it works far better then shave cream;)

Remember…with the hot temps that are here & coming less soap is always better!

And, hard-compound rubber.

Yes…and Pulex hard rubber is the choice of this pro;)

I agree with the ‘get the right stuff from the beginning comment.’

GG4 is great in the summer when its hot, much better than washing up liquid …or dish soap as you say across the pond.

If you struggle for glide with GG4 then an incy wincy, teeny weeny dribble of dish soap should do it. But the idea is no froth.

Maybe shaving cream would be good for scraping the glass to avoid scratches?! :smiley:

And a styptic pencil for scratch restoration!

Im ordering some Glisten today. Its supposed 2.5 cent per gal. will save me a little money compared to the unger easy glide that I had been getting at the big box store - $6 for 25 gallons = 24 cents per gal.

Did people really use 2 brushes simultaneously to brush their hair back when everything was black-n-white?

I use electric! I find it saves on the scratches.

Is all rubber ‘soft’ unless otherwise noted? I bought hen I started and still have most of it left still. Would it be worth me buying ‘hard’ rubber now?

I bought some generic stuff (jet dry) last week to add to my water for the hot weather and I noticed a white haze left behind that I never noticed without it. Is this normal?

Stick with the “original” Jet Dry Blue in color.Also…just a smidgen(maybe an oz. to 3 to 4 gals of water) don’t go overboard on it as it will defeat the purpose,you will start leaving water behind and…i guess get white haze too?

Are you sure that the glass you were cleaning that… the frames you were doing weren’t oxidized??

Why is that?

Because it’s the “original”:wink:

And why should that matter to a professional window cleaner?

It’s what i’ve used with good results,when i didn’t have legit “friction reducer”:wink: