Where do you guys order your shirts from? I just got my new ones from and they SUCK they were $25 bucks each and the screwed up my logo, there was a blotch of ink where there shouldn’t have been. and overall the print was not very crisp at all.
I will be getting my money back, but want to know where those of you who have had a POSITIVE experience ordered from. THanks. Quality is my main concern, not price.
Thanks for the help.

I go to a local guy in my town. $6 a shirt and the best quality…I’d pay him $20 a shirt for his quality…He still prices his shirts the same from like 7 years ago…has a HUGE customer base though

yeah I need something like that

Besides the shipping costs, he takes 90% of his orders now from email…IF you emailed him the stuff you want and pay for the shipping, I’m sure he will do it…I’ll PM his email.

awesome, thanks Matt!

yo Doug,
Use my guy, he is also a window cleaning client of mine

This is where I get mine done. They are awesome! i have never had a problem with them.

we order shirts from and have someone local screen print them for us.