Short vs Detailed Online Ads

I’m about to run a series of online ads and was wondering what gets you guys the best results?

It seemed to me like my shorter ads last year and earlier this year were getting me more calls. I kept adding onto them to avoid being asked the same stuff but it seems like I’m getting less and less calls.

This is where side by side testing works best, test ads against each other. I have found shorter ads with before and after pics have worked best for us, so far.

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Agreed. “A/B Testing” is a good way to see which ads are performing the best. And, having been in the online advertising business before, I can tell you that images and few words are best to capture the viewer’s attention.

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Good tips, thanks guy! I’ll try that out.

@Skipper Kijiji classifieds.

I love Kijiji. Pay the money for the package that gives you a top ad, bump every 3 days and highlighted. Unless your in my city of course then don’t haha! With that being said I usually run 2 ads. 1 paid “top ad” and another one not paid - some people will purposely skip the top ad guys.

One small but major piece of advice I can give you: Make sure you have the right keywords in your title!

Something like “Window cleaning/washing & gutter/eavestrough cleaning”. After putting the ad up search for window cleaning, window washing ect, make sure your popping up. You would be surprised how many people will search window washing and they will never find you if you only have window cleaning.

You are definitely right! Keep it short and sweet.

Kijiji users mentality: They want to hire a small local business, they want a good price and they want to get it done quickly.

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Thanks for the tips! I never thought to add washing in there as well. I’m near Toronto.

I went with a highlighted top ad on the 10th with just “Window Cleaning”, took 6 days but finally got 3 calls today. 1 was a price shopper, 1 was a coffee shop a bit too far away from me, and 1 is a booked job with frame painting thrown in.

I always get confused where to put the ad. “Cleaners/Cleaning” is swamped with cleaning ladies that quickly knock you off page 1, and “Skilled Trades - Windows” seems like it’s only installers but takes a few days to get bumped to page 2.