Should I clean insides?

Hey guys. New here. I’m starting a small window cleaning business soon and I’m wondering if I should clean the insides as a beginner? Is it standard to? If so, how much more should I charge?

Definitely clean the insides if the customer wants it. It’s standard for me, every once in a while I do an ‘outside only’. As for pricing, find out the going rate in your area and charge accordingly. Don’t charge less because you are new. If you do a good job you will just be slow, till you get the hang of it, but most people don’t care how long it takes, they just want clean windows.


You should work for someone else and learn tricks of the trade first. Just my opinion. However, if you’re gonna learn from scratch, get into the habit of doing things the right way. For instance, giving a bid for the whole house, inside and out, screens and all.

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Clean the windows, screens, tracks on your home, your relatives homes, your friends homes.

Build a standard that you can be consistent with so you appear to know what you are doing when you start charging people for your service.

As a service professional dress in a way that conveys the work that you do. Even an auto mechanic (who gets rather dirty at work) usually is required to dress in a uniform. Not saying you actually need a “uniform” but wear clothes that fit, decent shirt, shoes that a paying customer won’t mind you walking through their house in, brush your teeth, groom your hair, etc.

Know the difference of running a business and picking up odd jobs here and there.

Get priceless free advice by going to talk to a business councilor at : S.C.O.R.E. It is FREE!!!

There is more to starting your chosen business than wetting a window and cleaning it off. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, from the mechanics of it to the office operations. After all, you are wanting to start a business. Train yourself to.

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Yes, and price depends on type. Some will price by window. Others per pane. Set your pricing and test it against your average per hour and adjust accordingly over time as you improve efficiency, technique, and speed. Start at about $3.50 to $4.00 per window ( Inside ).

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Where in NJ are you?

Charge $4.00 per pane exterior only and $6.00 per pane in/out. Count large large windows as 2 panes. Play with these numbers until you find the sweet spot. You will learn if the customer has a bunch of bushes on the outside in the way or furniture in the inside to raise a dollar a pane or add say %15 to the quote(don’t tell the customer that just see it and apply to the quote) or if there windows are mildly dirty to charge a little less. Screens charge about $2.00 or $4.00 if there big screens. These are not my exact prices but a good starting point. Try to provide your customer with the best service and relationships at a medium price. You don’t wanna come out of the gate with no name charging an arm and a leg but you also don’t want to think you will get rich undercutting the competition. You will either work 80 hours a week to make what your competitors make in 40 hours while they laugh at you thinking your better than them at high volume low prices or you will go broke when you realize your competition charges what they charge because the cost of business is not cheap.

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