Should I get a company credit card?

I’ve been getting credit card offers for the business. Currently I pay for everything by debit card. Is there any reason I should get a credit card?

Supposedly there’s an advantage to “building credit”. But it depends. How disciplined are you with money?

Extremely disciplined. I did finally cave a few years ago and get a credit card for personal use, mainly cause I couldn’t even get Obamacare without having a credit history! Can you believe that? The US government uses Experian to verify your identity for health insurance…instead of…you know, something like your driver’s license.

Anyway, was just wondering if there was any other good reason to get a business cc as well.

Why would you not have a business credit card? It lets you dispute payments much more easily. Paying with debit is basically cash.


Wish I had gotten one before I bought my wfp. They’re offering $500 back on $4500. Sighhhhh.

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You could always get a pressure washer… :smiling_imp:


lol yes…actually it is a goal for the future. But before I offer any additional services I’d like to have a little break from buying and learning anything knew. It’s enough just getting used to wfp right now!


i just went thru a 5 year audit. one of the first questions he asked me was do you have seperate credit card for business.
ALL income and ALL expenses should be completely seperate for business and personal and all records for both business and personal should kept.


Oh definitely. I’ve paid for business exclusively from a dedicated business account, and never use it for personal expenses. I’m very strict with accounting.

My question is more because I pay cash for everything. I never borrow money and don’t see a need to (at least for now). So, I wasn’t sure if there’s any other reason to have business credit card. I like @johnC’s point that credit card charges are easier to dispute.

I also wonder because, as I mentioned in another thread, I recently received a dun&bradstreet “Business Credit Notification.” Of course I know we all have personal credit histories, but this is making it sound like my business has it’s own credit rating maybe? Like, do I need to build up credit for my business too?

i never pay cash for anything. everything goes in and out of a bank or cc. yes mister auditor here is the invoice for that expense and here is my proof of payment on my bank or cc statement.
certainly establishing a good credit rating can be a help at times and you won’t get that paying cash so i’d say get one.

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When I say “paying cash” I don’t mean actual bills. Everything is with the bank card. I’m the same way…like to have a clear paper trail of everything down to the penny.

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5 year audit “accepted as submitted” :grinning:


Woohoo! Congrats. Bet that’s a lot of stress of your shoulders!

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Business credit card just makes it easier to keep track also. Buy everything for your business through the credit card. Pay it off through your business checking account
Don’t do personal stuff on business credit card
I have automatic payment set up for the business card at x amount a month which is the average I spend a month plus 400 xrta . It will never pay more if the balance is lower, but sometimes the balance is higher. Haaa ok more than sometimes than I just go in an bump it up some the next month


I would say yes get a credit card in the businesses name just to establish some credit for the business. Not sure which way you plan to go with your business and you might not either, it may change at some point so establishing business credit history can only help you in the future if you’re disciplined with money.

It’s common for commercial bids here to ask for credit references, profit and loss statements and the Dunn report on your business just to show you’re capable of doing accounts of larger size. Just shows credibility for your business.

I pay no interest because I pay the credit cards off monthly and get great rewards from using them.

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Short answer: no

Long answer: why

I get what you’re trying to do and the banks love to shove credit options down your throat.

You’re best bet is to take loans and pay them off on an as needed basis.

A big thing for a small business owner is to know exactly what your expendable income is. Do you know exactly what you need to make to pay bills, run the business, have excess? Figure that out ASAP then you know exactly how much per year you can spend. Borrow against that as either a business line or a loan. Pay it back by year end in a revolving door type go setup.

Figure out a way to do it with the smallest interest rate possible and pay it off as fast as you can. 0% interest rate loans are the best. Lol. And for some equipment loans you can find that.

I’ve been doing it for years. Have under 5k in debt with almost an 800 credit score. Own everything I own. Lol. And have money to spare.

A more appropriate question, rather than should I take a credit card, is how much can I spend per yer. Otherwise you’re just adrift in your finances without ever knowing what should go where.

The reason why they “offer” to “give” 500 is to rope you in and charge enough interest to extract that plus much more out of you. Nothing in life is free. Your best bet is to pay as you go bro ski.

Knowing HOW to spend is just as important, if not more important, than knowing how to save.

Good Luck.


I got an iPad through the points on my Business credit card. :grimacing:


Doh. And I need a new IPad

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Lol … Well get a credit card :credit_card:

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