Should I purchase another truck right now?

I totally agree. I could have posted this very same post a month ago… I was very close to buying a tacoma myself. Just wait… Especially with 2 car payments hanging over your head. Just think about how far an extra $200-300 a month would go towards your advertising campaign. You could conceivably be in a position to pay cash by the end of this year if you save a little. Plus, this is going to be a weird year( Just my intuition) especially for us small guys. All of the decisions you make for your company should be smart and creative. Buying a truck when you don’t need one seems wasteful.


One more thing: There will ALWAYS be some sort of deal out there when it comes to cars. You just have to be patient.

Aren’t Tundras manufactured in San Antonio, TX and Princeton, IN (and in KY in the past?) I do realize that a mixture of foreign and domestic (majority) parts content is involved…

Toyota is the best made and best selling car in the world. Sure they are made in the USA too, just with different standards.

a new Toyota truck for $10,000 starbrite? Do you have a link to those prices?

I would not buy this truck on the premise that a few months from now you will be in a “better situation”. The economy right now is in uncharted water. We have a 56 trillion dollar deficit that could take up to 40 years to pay, if done smart.

What will our businesses be like this year? Nobody on earth knows. We got ourselves into massive debt both as individules and as a Country. There were more than 1 million layoffs just in December. Millions of homes in forclosure. Does now seem a good time to roll the dice? What happens if people are playing it safe and decide not to buy things like window cleaning?

If you learn one thing from our historical situation it’s that you should not add more debt.



Good advice on both fronts. :slight_smile:

I agree, if you don’t need one now dont get it. Car dealers will be ready to deal when you’re ready. I needed to add a third truck recently. In August I contacted a few dealers and told them my specs, and then said I’m thinking…

One Ford guy kept calling. He offered me a 2008 Brand New F-150 with a/c and Auto, for $20K. I said no, I’ll wait. 2 Months Later he said $18K, then $16K. I kept saying, no I’ll wait, (grant you I needed the vehicle, but I wanted to see How low he would go). In December he called me and said he would sell me that truck for $14,500.00. I couldn’t pass it up. I made sure to buy it before the end of the year so that I could deduct it off of this year’s taxes, (2008). I’m incorporated, so I buy everything in my personal name and lease it to my business.

I just got it lettered, and my buddy measured it to build a truck rack for it yesterday. Also I’m doing something completely new on this truck that I think is going to have a great reaction!! As soon as it’s done, I’ll send you the pics.


Wow, thir thread begs all kinds of questions. Prices in CA of $10,000? Does it really matter if you know what you want and can shop nation wide on line? Friend of mine bought a tricked out jeep from northern CA last year. Knew EXACTLY what he was looking for. Saved several grand on purchase and had it shipped to WI for less than a thousand. Damian, had you decided to buy a used truch, and more specifically a used Toyota Tacoma with a short box before you saw this deal? Or, did you see this deal and decide you were looking for a new vehicle. If the later, I would let your wanter cool off a bit. Sure, Toyota makes a great vehicle. But if you are not pulling heavy trailers, hauling heavy loads, live in a warm climate, do off roading, or need a chic magntet, how 'bout at 10 year old Ford Ranger for $3,000 cash? Or, how about selling one of your other trucks and buying a small ‘corporate car’ for sales, errands and such. Then look at a second truck. In this economy, you gotta be brutally honest about what you really need to advance your business. You may need a banner year based on stellar marketing more than you need a new truck. Then again, this may be exactly the next right capital investment. Just be honest with yourself (and you sig. other if you have one) and don’t be impulsive.


yes they are larry…

parts made everywhere in the world…


msrp is prob like 14,500 and after you wheel and deal with the sales people you can get that truck for 10k out the door, well in so cal you can esp. now when sales are down for all auto manufac.

Ive gotten tacomas new for around 10

I order them months in advance, and strip them way down.

No cab, no AC’s, no floor mats, stick shift etc…

hell One time I ordered 2 with out bumpers…

And of course haggle with the guy.

Another point that I didn’t see mentioned. Toyota’s hold their value better than most other auto manufacturers do. My truck is a Super Cab Tundra 2006 version and I just looked it up, it’s worth 21k.

Like Troy Liposec, I buy mine via brokers for cash and you get tremendous saving going that route. I have a friend in Scottsdale, AZ that sells cars out of his home and he can find me anything I want at bargain basement prices.

I just got wood…