Should I start screen repair?

I’m about to buy a high roof Transit 150, which has waaay more space than my standard bed Silverado.

Do you think learning screen repair is worth the investment? The learning curve seems minimal, just wondering if there’s a more profitable way to use the extra space. We also do gutter cleaning ATM.

Was also debating cleaning dryer vents.

Anyone have experience with either of these? Thanks in advance!

Screen repair is an easy add on. Screens only last about 5-7 years in certain climates? Just be sure to charge what it is worth for you time, material purchase, and profit.


I find it’s worth it to round out your services by replacing screens that are very badly damaged, but I don’t do entire home’s worth.

I’ll do the entire home, I just bring them back another day that is available to me. It takes little time to reinstall then on to the next job.

Nope, let someone else do the crap work

I added $1,200+ to last years income doing simple screen repairs. I don’t even push it, I suggest it, then go about my business of cleaning windows. If they want it, fine; if not, fine. But at the end of the year without even trying I added $1,200 to my pay. If I really pushed it, there is a lot of crappy screens out there that need some love. :wink:

$1,200 a year? Buying all of the supplies for the add-on hardly seems worth it.

Anyone else willing to share how much $ screen repair has added to their income?

Hardly a big expenditure. Home Depot screen and spline, spline tool used for years, maybe some frame rails periodically. I do not charge hand in hand out, I make a profit on the repair. And again, not something I push but for a simple little add on now and again? I’ll take it.

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We do it here and there don’t really push it like garry . But I don’t build them my self , I order them from local shop and they deliver to my house . Then I go install at the clients home . We make about 200-400 per home .


We averaged about $100 per hour doing screens and that was usually added on to the residential window service.


$85 avg profit on 25 jobs, avg job size of $125, 41% margin of profit, $93an hour in the pocket after expenses.

You have to look at it as a add on service. Make what ever you want with it. Do you want to make 100 an hour then charge what ever per screen to make a 100 an hour. Want more per hour than charge more.

Who cares if they say No. I don’t see a big investment in equipment to do screens. Learn what your material cost is an add it in the price. It’s a no brained if you don’t mind doing the work.