Shout out

I just wanted to take a moment to shout out an individual on this forum. I posted a topic about me being in jail and starting a window cleaning business. A few really cool people responded to the post and I am extremely great full.

But I want to give a major shout out to a fellow member of this forum, Mike/ProWindowCleaning. I hope it’s okay that I say something but I think he deserves a shout.

Mike sent me some books on being successful in small business, power of the mind, and thinking like a man. I received 2 orders from amazon with 5 books. I was so happy. In my situation I have nobody and that’s okay, it just makes me work harder. But it was extremely cool for someone I have never met to take the time and spend their own money to send a stranger across the country some books to help that person be successful. In my mind this man is a good example of how we should all be.

Thank you again Mike. I cant wait till I have the opportunity to pay it forward to people that need help when I am able to do so.


Hello Nino. Everyone falls on hard times through life. Glad to see you are reaching out. Feel free to reach out to me for some for hiring, marketing, systems, etc. strategies or whatever you need to get a jump start:

I have 40 on staff and am primarily route / residential / large commercial. Good luck Nino. You can do this!

No problem man, you have my email if you need anything


Good man Mike :+1: & Good luck to you Nino !