Shower door buildup

I usually have luck with Bio Clean on hard water stains, today I got owned by a 50 year old shower door that refused to come clean.

Customer tried CLR as well with zero luck, what comes next…F9 BARC?

Finish Line powerball dishwasher tabs.

I have had great results with 50/50 dish soap mixed with vinegar in a spray bottle. Let it sit for half an hour and use your mop Scrub and rinse/ squeegee after the 30 mins.

Limeaway? Don’t let it touch your skin.

I am liking Diamond Magic these days…With any chemical sometimes I
have to get out the electric buffer.

The last really bad shower door I did was only able to come clean with cerium oxide and a buffer with special pads. It’s a pain but it does work when nothing else will.

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