Shower Door Restoration Techniques

Will the polishing pads fit on another machine? Other than the one available at WCR?

I’ve been looking into the offering this service, so I’m just trying to learn how to and what supplies I’ll be needing once i decide to offer it or not.

Any quick tips are also appreciated, gotta keep the money flowing through winter ya dig

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I have a Makita I use for polishing. I burn up the cheapy Harbor Freight models grinding. All that white glass dust just kills them. If I have multiple plates to do, I’ll add another 40 bucks to the quote and burn up a cheapy. Also, the cheapys are light. If I am standing on a ladder or scaffolding, that Makita gets heavy and I start lifting edges and get those swirl marks that have to be ground out.

Hey all, I am new here. Just started restoring shower door glass. Did 2 already and they came out sweet. Just ordered Mr Hard Water’s pads, cleaning powder and small scrubbers but got my polisher from Amazon. Do you guys use anything on the door tracks and frames to get them clean or do you only focus on the glass?

I am interested in researching this service too. Looking forward to learning from anybody who contributes.

hate to say it again but…

There is a lot of threads on this subject with great information. :slight_smile:

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