Shower door restoration

How many of you are offering this service? I have a couple of customers who are making good money restoring shower enclosures.

Thought I would share this as many of us start to slow down this season. Shower restoration is work that is done inside so the elements won’t affect you.

Pretty cool video done by Jeff from JFlint


Mr. Hardwater Power Tool Kit

in my service area I believe (could be wrong) that Brian Welker of Great Panes Window Cleaning/Under Pressure Services offers this to his customers, and has done some large scale projects for a few hotels, I believe.

I have the complete power tool system from J Flint Products to do shower doors here in most of Santa Clara or San Mateo counties.

Hey Randy, whats the average price for a normal size shower?

I just purchased the kit a few months ago to do a 3/4 size hockey rink. I have not done any shower doors yet but I am willing, able & equipped to do so. Have not yet thought about pricing yet but will probably have a minimum charge of 125.00

Kurt Kempton (spelled right?) down in Phoenix does this all the time. He said they even shine up the faucets and nozzles too. And sometimes throw in a free flat surface stove buff.

I can usually squeak out $75.00 for two panel shower. Then do the maintenance quarterly for less, depending on if the client squeegees regularly. If I have to pull glass, it’s more. I’ve been using Nano on my polisher lately and it’s wicked fast. I videoed myself do two French doors the other day, one restore, then polish in 7 minutes 23 seconds, perfect edge to edge and clean corners.

And I will add, anyone that lives in a hard water area, shoud have a kit. J. Flint has put together something that works. If you are not offering shower door restoration and maintenance, you are leaving a huge chunk of change on the table. It’s services like this that set your Co. apart from the other guys and gets you MORE work. It’s true.

What’s the big difference between glass renu and the j flynt equipment specifically related to hard water repair? Trying to figure out if I should get j flynt since I already have glass renu.

Also what is the best sealer out there after you have restored the glass?

J flints kit is designed to take off HW stains and not remove glass stock. I think it uses the white nylon pad as the applicator, and or bronze wool, with a proprietary solution. GR utilizes a proprietary set a sanding discs that will also take off HW stains and remove glass stock…then polish out with felt and cerium oxide solution.

For those having success securing this type of work, are you getting it mostly as an add on to window cleaning service or are you marketing it on it’s own and getting work.

The reason I ask is because I keep hearing that this is a great way to make money during the slow winter months but since I won’t be in too many customers homes til spring, it would have tobe marketed seperately for me. Not that I’m a stranger to niche marketing, 90% of my screen repair and screen fabrication is through niche marketing.

I was just wondering about others approach to getting all this sweet shower door restoration money. Are people googling for this service? Would it be worth having a web site just for this?

Mine is all add on, but if you market hard water stain removal, shower door restoration you will broaden the potential group. As opposed to just shower doors. You could also lump in there the complete shower, tiles and all. Just don’t use One Restore on polished stone.

If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars creating a clean and relaxing space around your shower with beautifully clear glass shower doors and bright chrome hardware, it can be a real disappointment to have all these surfaces clouded by hard water stains and soap scum.

this is interesting

This system is great, we sold a bunch of them over the winter.

People love how easy it is to use.

I didnt know you sold them here, I’ll have to check them out

Once the hard water or scum is etched into the glass is it still possible to get it out with the hard water system? I have a customer who has some serious staining and I believe it’s etched in. She states it’s been there for a few years. I even tried winsol 550 with no success.