Shower Glass Cleaning in Australia

Question for the Oz guys doing shower restorations.

What protective coatings are you using and why?

I currently use Nanovations NG1010, but am also looking for a coating I can include with the standard price that needs reapplication more often (6-12 monthly). The reason for this is I have noticed a few businesses around me now including a temporary coating and then charging a 6 monthly reapplication fee of say $50, so long as the glass has been cleaned regularly within this time. This could be good as the clients who choose not to get a coating due to high cost, may go for this instead with the perception this is the cheaper option. Thoughts?

I use nanovations and vitro glaze, there’s an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from them by saying your coating will last ten years and cost $190 vs $50 every 6 months, they are offering it that way as they are using a cheap product that doesn’t last and perhaps they are marketing it as the proper way to do it instead of doing it right the first time

Can I ask why you are using 2 different nano coatings?

I bought vitroglaze before knowing about nanovations, I now use the vitroglaze for mirrors only, I find it works really well but not so great for shower glass

I have only been using Nanovations for 6 months now, before this I was using the nano-coating from Nanoman.

How are you finding it holds up?

Only using nanovations for less time than you have, happy with it so will stick with it