Shower hard water stain removal

I found a great product I can clean obscured glass with in under and hour. Does anyone know how to clean hard water stains off clear shower glass? or do you have any tips to cut down on time

This should have what you are looking for.

We use Slayer powder or Bio-Clean.

I’ve used CLR with success.

What is the product?

glass gurus glass tastic with white pad or ooo steel wool. This absolutly works on obscured shower glass. However on clear show glass i have not found a product that removes stains in under an hour. ive tried clr, baar keepers freind, eacochem rewder, it works, diatamatiouse earth, spot x, nad a bunch of others,yes if i want to be there all day im sure something will work. but i need something in about an hour. im charging $95 to $135 to clean shower glass. after and hour aND a half im lossing money. Ive read all the posts i have tried just about every product and NO ONE HAS SAID ON CLEAR SHOWER GLASS THIS ABSOLUTLY WORKS.

I’ve tried some of those too, usually if the staining is really bad, for me, it’s a combination of chemical applicatioin, then abraiding the stains off, once they are off, sealing the glass, then done. Sometimes the doors need to be removed depending upon configuration…you get the picture.

removing the doors? multiple applications of diffenren chemical. How much are you getting for the clear glass doors. How long is this taking you. I appreciate the info but what are you charging and how much time is it taking?

Bio clean works best for me also nano iworks very good if you can sell sealing after cleaning extra money you can make I charge extra 50$ each shower
georges window cleaning

I still have an unopened quart of that from a couple two or three years ago…

for shower doors that I can do without taking them off, usually @ $50.00 on up…depends upon the stain and how much glass is there…

Study your PH scale.

Learn what you are trying to do and you’ll discover many ways to do it. I carry a simple, safe hard water deposit cleaner that you can spray on glass or metal, including aluminum, sponge around with bare hands and wipe away. it costs less than a buck a quart

To which cleaner do you refer?

Hey Larry,
I have the feeling that the suspense level isn’t quite high enough for the secret formula to be revealed just yet. Be patient.

No. It is a product not handled by WCR and I respect their rules and their business to not give ads or props to another products


As far as I can tell vinegar is good only for making salad dressing. I have heard that one for as long as I can remember.
It is useless.

Not true – I cleaned up some messy mortar work with vinegar on an interior 12’H x 80’W brick wall. I needed a respirator.

I’ve also read that acetic acid is used as a descaler.

Every time I have tried it it was so weak it was a waste of time.

Vinegar is a very weak acid.

Is One Restore formally known as Safe Restore any good on shower doors? I tried MDR last week and it got the glass 80% there, but it’s still spotted.