Sign Cleaning and power washing help

GSo I’m bidding on my first dealership and the owner wants me to include cleaning of the lettering on the building and the backdrop. Also wants me to clean off garage doors and a small section of brick wall at garage area.
I’ve never done any power washing or building surface cleaning. Could a waterfed pole take care of this or should I soft wash? Or rent a power washer?
Any advice or experience on equipment and pricing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t pressure wash that. Just don’t get too close to the plastic letters. The job is definitely doable with a pressure washer. I’d probably rent a small scissor lift.

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Since you haven’t done any pressure washing before just subcontract the job . If you really want to learn soft washing it should be safer and quicker but it takes little time to learn . just rent a pressure washer and use a black tip for the lettering and the yellow tip for the brick and garage door be prepare it will take time.

That’s a big job for your first time. I’m sure you can softwash but be aware that the stains might not just be mold/ algae. Maybe on the metal behind the lettering but it could be some kind of clr (calcium, lime, or rust) stain coming from the frame.

Do some tests to find out exactly what you’re going to be cleaning off then you can start to be headed in the right direction.

Yeah I think I’m going to sub it. I don’t want to risk anything on this one. Any idea what kind of price range this would be? It’s pretty much what’s shown in the pics and then 2 more signs just like it

I didn’t realize it could be that. Thanks for letting me know. Do you think it’s possible at all to clean up that metal behind the letters with just a waterfed pole?

One day. 750. Be the go-to guy…

Any service that you add to your business will have a learning curve. Just call someone around your area that does pressure washer show them the pic ask them for the price tell them that you subcontracting the job to them add $$$ in top of that price for you and this is it . I subcontract many services now days and you just have to find the right people . If you where to do the job I will said just the pressure washing $800 - $1400

Ok thanks. A lot of the pressure washers in my area do window cleaning as a side for cheap, low quality. Have you ever had a guy try and undercut your bid after you tried to get him as a sub?

I wouldn’t trust it. Keep your customers close.

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Not really I deal with the clients usually really depends on the relationship that you have with the client the sub will do the job never talk to the client and usually I know this people very well if you can’t do it then try renting the pw and learn something new .

You hire the sub. The contractor (you) does the dealing with the customer. Maybe have some paperwork for the sub to spell out the relationship. But if you need that, he may not be worth having do the work at all.