Sign cleaning

I did a bid today for a guy who wanted the sign on his building cleaned. I showed him my wfp setup and he was impressed because he didn’t want chemicals used on it since it’s brand new. I’m thinking this could be a great add-on for my business. What do you think?

I think you are correct, this could be a valuable add-on

I talked to one window cleaner that was into cleaning billboard signs. He would go out towards the desert on the way to Vegas for a day and make 3 grand for a days work. Killer money. You would probably have to bring your own water source I would think.

I have been thinking about this ever since I saw it on the wagtail video.

Our sun here is brutal and our plastic signs fade rather fast.

I was curious how easy/hard to sell this service might be. I further wonder if a chemical for anti-fading would work.

Awesome post.

Tony we have cleaned quite a few signs over the years with our WFP. It actually works quite well.

One other question - do you think nylon brushes work better or worse than hoggers for signs?

make sure on overcast days you ask the customer where the time clock is so you can turn the power off the low light could possibly activate the photo cell and energize the sign,especially pan channel letters w/ neon
I do sign service as an add on,And have cleaned out quite a few bird droppings shorting out secondary wiring, moisture is also to blame for shorts,sometimes a sign will shock you coming in contact with it and yet still

Good tip.

Its tips like these that could save someone hassle, money, or even an injury. And those other guys said we only talk about off topic stuff here.

Excellent tip. Thanks for the heads up!