Sign price

Do you use signs?
What type of signs are they IE: Material, size, color.
What do you pay for your signs?
Are they elaborate?
How big are they?
Can you show an example?
Where have you found your biggest return on them?

Are you referring to lawn signs?

I am referring to any sign. Currently I worked a deal where I got two 4ft x 4ft black and with plastic/cardboard signs for $100.00. Just black and white nothing special. I think it was a good price for the quality of the work. I got them because I was able to work up a deal with a low cost gas station here that is constantly filled with local cars. Where I can hang my signs in his windows. His building is completely empty and just painted white. My signs are black and white. I will post a picture. I figured it’s not a bad place as people have to sit and look at the signs for 5 or 10 minutes.
But I was just looking to start another topic. Some of the standard questions were getting stale.

you got ripped off…

Out of curiosity why do you say he got ripped off? Have you gotten a better price? I too have thought about signs of this nature and would like to know?

I would be interested why you would say I got ripped off? What prices have you paid for work like this?


WOW I’m feeling like I got ripped off now. Dam. From talking to other business owners around here I got a deal. Man do the people you guys use do mail order? Man this sucks. Oh well.

looks nice…Why just one so big??? Why not get regular bandit signs and put them at multiple locations??? Jut wondering.

I got a quote for regular Bandit signs and I could get 50 for $100 and that includes the first time setup fee, front and back.

Sure, you may have been able to get a better deal somewhere else, but look on the bright side, one job from the signs and they will be paid for. And it sounds like you are going to be able to put them in a good spot so you’ll get more than 1 job most likely right?

What is a bandit sign? I never heard of that. The reason for the size is that the window they will be going in is 5ft by 5ft and law here state a temporary window sign must be 1 ft from the surrounding frame or else it will be classified as permanent. That’s a fine if you do not own the business. I am renting the windows at $25.00 per window per month. I can rotate out the signs as I see fit. They sit as I said in two gas station windows that have a lot of traffic due to their low price. The place is a completely empty convenience store. Fully painted white with nothing inside. I will post pics once I have the signs in the windows. I see a great potential for ROI as this gas station is the last one before a major interstate and it’s the cheapest gas around.

These signs took two days for the girl to make. I called her Tuesday night. I spent the last two days home cause of the bad weather here. My customers rescheduled. I did 3 phone estimates and got the gigs for October. I could have spent the last two days trying to make these signs with no where near the quality. But instead I got 3 gigs and started two other graphics for this very ad campaign. I think it was worth the time. But I could be wrong.

They are not the cheapest, but cheapest online. I went to a local person for my quote.
Who knows…this may be a big ROI for you, not really going to know until later. $100 for one sign that costs $25 a month to put up at a gas station window just sounds like a lot to me…but then again you may have struck gold in your area…

Let me know how it works out for ya…I’m interested to find out the results.

We call those lawn signs around here. I was looking into them start of last season. They cost $135.00 for 5 4 color signs around here. I did not want to go with them as everyone you see pertains to lawns around here. I barely look at them anymore.
I don’t know how this is going to return. Of course I am hoping it will be worth the $50 per month. lol. I look at it like this, if I get 1 gutter cleaing gig, it’s paid for. I really think this is a golden place, I will have to post pics. This place is so good, if things work out I want to talk to the guy about renting the place.

I agree your time was well spent.

do you see the avatar on my name, i got 2 signs made up for $65.00.

that is full color printing with a clear coat over them.

same size as the poster of this thread.

4ft x 4ft?

How do you utilize the signs?

So far you are the only one insisting that I got ripped off. Maybe it was you who just got an incredible deal. What’s the name of the company you used? I have no problem with paying for shipping on color work.

you got a good deal,all those quickie sign shops are cheap and you will never know who is cheapest that day, If you were to go to a custom sign shop it would of been more,I like the digital printout the best “like the car wrap” its a little more $ but is nice,I was thinking about putting some signs at the end of some automatic car washers,

Gas stations also have those plastic vendor signs for beer mostly,you can use that material could order up some digital printout and apply it yourself
save some shekels there

some good material to use for signs you have is gator foam,A very dense Styrofoam material with a plastic sheet laminated to it,comes in different thickness light and strong