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I can answer any/all of your questions on this thread if you have any. :o

Is there a change log somewhere where I can check out all the features new and old?

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We don’t have a log because we are simply rolling out features consistently. The best way to see a snapshot of where we are now is to book a 15 minute web demo and ask away. You can sign up for a demo here: Book Demo If you don’t want to book a demo, you can PM me your number and I can run through all of our features and answer your questions for you. Rest assured, we push out new features almost daily.

Can clients sign invoices while on the job site?

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In my opinion, you should focus on making the features you roll out work flawlessly before rolling out more. I’m using HCP and I’m disappointed at how many bugs it has. I downloaded the Jobber software last week and I’m seriously considering making the change to jobber after using the two side by side.

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Does this program perform every thing that a excel spread sheet can?


I understand where you are coming from. Jobber has been around much much longer than we have. The point here is that we move much faster than Jobber and in no time at all, we will have many more robust features than they do. The reason we move fast is that we are a start-up and we can implement change must faster with a better developer team. So yes, you can go with Jobber if you’d like, but I guarantee you that Jobber will not listen to your requests as well as we do and implement them in a timely manner. HouseCall Pro is more of an invested, growing partnership solution that will develop with your company. Jobber is not.


Hey Dave, thanks for the question. Excel is a very complex program that can scale almost infinitely in function. The short answer is, no, HouseCall Pro doesn’t do EVERY THING that excel does. Think of Excel like a blank canvas that you can create into whatever you want (with the right tools and skills). HouseCall Pro has a lot of functionality but it is not a spreadsheet program. We make it easy to run every element of your operation, though.

If there is a feature you would like to see implemented, all you have to do is let us know and we will implement it on our roadmap. So far, what distinguishes us from our competitors is that we actually care about what our service professionals need for their business. We have already made many features from simple requests on the forums.

I recommend booking a free live web demo on our website and then requesting what you would like to see added/changed. That would help both of us.


This feature is coming shortly. We move fast, so don’t worry :slight_smile:

can it sort and arrange like a spread sheet all in one list??

I’d love to believe you but what I’ve seen is that you roll out features that are cool in concept but don’t work. For example if I close a job on the iPhone app and then later try to receive the payment for that job using the web app, it will still show as an open invoice on the iPhone app. Somehow the phone and web aren’t talking to each other. I notified your team about this weeks ago and it hasn’t been fixed yet. In the mean time you have rolled out several new features that are cool but which also have performance issues. Why not fix the broken stuff first? I love the On my way feature but that’s about it really. I’d love to see a master plan to know what to expect instead of just promises of robust features in the future. For all I know you may 100% right about your assessment of the future of HCP but right now I don’t see it and it’s a very frustrating system to try and use.

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No issues with house call on my end. Keep it up!

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Good for you [MENTION=3164]Brian_C[/MENTION] In my defense I’m not just trying to be a hater. I am actually having difficulty with the program functioning properly. For instance the Google calendar integration. Last week I needed to change the recurring schedule on a commercial customer and the software would not make the change so I had to delete the entire series. What resulted was my Google calendar being screwed up. Here a screen shot if you think I’m just making all this up.

As you can see the Culver’s is now showing up 4 times in one week on my calendar. I notified HCP about it and yet it remains… If I were to show you the same week in HCP it would look totally different, but I rely on Gcal in the field because HCP doesn’t have a calendar function on the phone app.

So, as I said if it’s working great for you Brian, keep with it. For me I need a little more reliability to run my operation. If HCP can step up and deliver on all these promises, great. If not, I’ll look elsewhere.

I don’t blame you we want things to work. I’ve had some things go wrong with house call but also with responsibid, proposal, street bidder (no longer use)

I’m just a believer long term in house call maybe as it matures it will be a better fit.

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  • My trucks are mobile Wifi hotspots
  • I have Ipads in each truck
  • mobile printing, done

What I want is an easy as pie way for my guys to create, and print quote/invoices on the spot.

I love excel, but I want “shiny boxes” for my guys to click.

And heads up to all you window cleaners who are moving on to becoming app designers…
stick figure cartoons are not the way to sell me.

I want to see how things work, examples of what I can expect to see during actual use.

That was a big edit, Steve…


Our master plan is very easy: we roll out a feature as soon as we can and then fix the feature until it is perfect. The scheduling piece is something we are currently working on perfecting, so expect that we will address most if not all of the bugs you are experiencing in the next couple of weeks or sooner. The issue we have with mobile development is that Apple takes a really long time to approve of every release, so we are at their mercy most of the time. We ask that you be patient with us. I forwarded your post to our developer team so they get an understanding of what is causing frustration on the field.

We will quickly fix all bugs and continue to make the product better.

Is that against the rules?