Simple 30 day notice form

Anyone have a simple form I can use to send to a customer who has not paid in 30 days.

Jaime J. Gonzalez
Bella Window Cleaning

Just hand write a note, wrap it around a brick…

I’ve got a generic form I use for invoicing AR. I’ll upload it when I get home.

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… and “Special Delivery” it through the front window!

:smiley: lol, you made me smile, man. :smiley:

Why the note?

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To differentiate you from the competition (aka, all the other companies trying to collect payment from said customer)

Also, if your “competition” is in the habit of using bricks, too, you may want to consider upgrading to cinder blocks. Delivery isn’t as easy, but the effect is worth it… Remember, differentiate!

Here’s my form. It’s just a simple thing formatted to fit in those double windowed billing envelopes. (those envelopes make it look more official)

But if you’ve only got one customer whose only out 30 days, then you’re doing GREAT! (37.4 KB)

Hand written notes are always more personal. It shows that you (37.4 KB)

I just think the brick would of been enough . :).

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Absolutely. One customer 30 days past due. Would be a dream !!!

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Why not just resend the invoice!!! And maybe in the email just say that this is a “friendly” reminder.

Also if you are hand typing every invoice you need to get out of the 90’s and spend a little $$ on some type of invoicing software.

I use invoice2go

Keeps track of how many invoices are unpaid, how many are overdue, also allows you to create professional looking invoices and estimates on the go. And you can attach files to them such as pictures of the job.

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What, are you too good for dot matrix?

Seriously, I came out of a franchise, a few years ago I was using dot matrix. I had to hack their scheduling software css to make it usable.

So I’m still adjusting. Does invoice2go sync with QuickBooks? That’s a deal maker/breaker for me. I’m looking to go from tcf to service autopilot.

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If they’re over 30 days, I’ll send another invoice with a self-addressed stamped envelope, works every time, I think they get the clue.

Thanks to everyone for the their replies. As a once a week window cleaner due to my wife going to school full time and me needing something more steady until she is done with her degree just having one customer past due by 30 days would translate into 25% of my customers being 30 days late, so from that point of view I am not doing well only having 1 customer being late. Normally I do not invoice, some nice advice I learned on this site when I first started my business, this case was just unique and now I am having to collect during Christmas week.
As far as using/paying for a nice invoice software or something printed out by an outside source it all goes back to the once a week thing and I am working with a limited budget until I can go full time and really make a go of things, just 12 to 18 more months and I will be enjoying my second retirement.

Resend the invoice with a stamp on it “over due” or “past due”