Skype Video

I wanted to get an idea of the amount of interest from other Window Cleaners, who would be interested in having a weekly ‘Skype’ conference on the Internet.

Meeting socially to brainstorm, talk about work, share ideas to make our real - time jobs easier in real life time. I know we already do it here, but for some it would be instant.

Skype is a Video Conference program which I use daily to contact family and friends in other States and I must say, it works great!

So if anyone’s willing to take part, maybe we can get a small group to meet once a week after work in the evening say for an hour.

I’ll check back tonight after work to view your responses, if any.

36 views and no replies … pretty sad :confused:

I think that’s a good idea, however I think weekly is too much. Monthly or bi-monthly would be much better. Let me know if/when it’s going to happen