Sleeves for very dirty windows

I just recently had couple of jobs with some really dirty windows and Im talking DIRTY. A lot of build up on them. I had to do each window twice and my sleeve got so dirty that I could not even put cleaning soap on the windows any more. Is there a good sleeve that could help out with this type of windows or if there is something else you guys are using.

HINT: I am new to window cleaning world. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

… If they are that bad I will dry brush them off first, or perhaps use a garden hose.

Use 2 buckets and 2 mops.

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My go to solution for extra dirty window is the green nylex brush. But as others have said, use 2 pails so you don’t quickly junk up your good water.
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I use microtigers exclusively since i get a lot if baked on dirt.

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Always brush or make sure you have running water available. Bring out your dirty washers for this type of job as well. Two buckets is always smart but make sure you charge more for dirty windows and frames. Doing jobs like this are never fun my friend. But this is what you wanted to do so be ready for the next one. Highly advise you reach up and touch any frames that look dirty. If you find heavy build up charge more. Before trying to land any new jobs always inspect windows and frames. Then make sure the glass is holding up in frames. Always tell the owner if you find problems before and after. Last thing network with glaziers and someone who does lettering/signs. If you all work together you’d be shocked at how much more work comes your way.

When windows are that dirty my mop is pretty much just to wet the glass then I use a 3M white scrub pad or bronze wool depending on how bad they are. If there is heavy oxidation on exterior glass I will use oven cleaner, which works great just sucks having to wear gloves and be super careful about it all.

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Good idea, you will probually need a little agitation though . maybe a white scrubby dipped in a bucket with a drop of Ecover then garden hose . Scrub all windows quick then hose off . Them trad or wfp .
Xtra charge for this type of cleaning probually time an a half
Btw being that your new use a stick from the ground to scrub high windows. Just saying in sure you new this
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You should stop using oven cleaner and use CC550 for screen burn.

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Honest question here: how is CC550 better than OC?

Oven cleaner is sodium hydroxide which has a very high PH(alkaline)

As i understand it CC550 is an acid based cocktail (very low PH-acidic).

I’ve been using a dry paint brush and brushing all the dust/dirt off the windows first . Keeps my water clean longer , and I don’t have mud running down the window :slight_smile:

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Acid can etch stone which glass is. You must be more careful with an acid then an Alkiline.

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I have one for inside, one for outside, one for dirty outside and a couple extra

I use the Unger sleeve with the scrubbing strip on the one side and i love it for dirty windows. And the scubbing pad does not seem to hold the dirt either. It rinses pretty clean.

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By “screen burn” are you referring to rust on windows?

I’ve had good luck using Diamond Magic for rust. I did this basement window that was completely covered in rust from a rusty outdoor swing being placed next to it, used Diamond Magic on it and the rust came off like butter.


I think he means more careful not to burn himself - as in chemical burn. Strong Alki’s will take the skin right off of ya.

But you are correct to worry about etching the glass. Proper Dillution & Dwell time are in order. What you have to worry more about than the glass for acids is any stone that will be in the way of the runoff. Limestone is very soft and much more susceptible to damage than the window itself.

That’s why some window cleaners recommend the stone scrub chemicals if they work on houses with stone, brick clad exteriors.

I think we’re talking about the gray film (oxidation) from the aluminum screens. OC has always worked very well for me. I’m just careful about rinsing well and not letting it dwell on the frames or near the seals (if it’s an IGU).


We need an abbreviation dictionary on here:rolleyes: