Slider pricing in Jersey!

Wow, just lost a job in upstate ny cause the second homeowner said that $10 per sliding glass door was way too much. That, she claimed, was based on having her full time house done in North Jersey, Bergen County. At 18 doors (meaning 9 units) she just couldn’t do it. For the rest of the glass pricing was the same as Bergen, she said.
Is there something in Jersey I don’t know about?

I can see why you lost that job.

I charge $15+ per slider.

Y’all talking about sliding glass doors correct?


Thats our 1/2 off price…

We are in Sussex county but work everyday in Bergen. We have a harder time getting higher prices In Bergen county, they have been trained on low prices… BUT they are super rich…

Jay where are you from?

Cost of living up here is way high compared to most of the country… Everything’s more expensive…

Where in NY are you?

Further up from you John, by a few thruway exits…near kingston…

Ben, yes, sliding glass doors. In this case each one is three feet wide, seven feet tall. Two stand together to make one unit, and only one actually slides while the other is stationary.

Ulster County. This house is about a Two Hour drive from Times Square in NYC.

I start @ $10 per sliding and stationary ($20 total) and go up depending on amount of dirt, dried dog snot, kids messy hand prints, dried food, etc. Several here in town are higher than me.